1. what can you learn from a fossil?
    I can learn what it ate from its teeth. Femur bones help me know how big it was. Footprints help me know how heavy it was and if it walked on 2 or 4 legs.
  2. Why does the moon seem to shine in the sky?
    The moon looks like it shines because it is reflecting the sun that shines on it.
  3. Compare a Tyrannosaurus to a Triceratops..
    • Tyrannosaurus : sharp teeth, meat eater, walks on two legs
    • Triceratops: flat teeth, plant eater, walks on four legs
  4. How can the weather change over the course of a day?
    The temperature is usually lowest in the morning and rises throughout the day. It drops after sunset. Clouds can come and go or it can start to rain.
  5. What is weather like in New Jersey during the winter?
    We have colder temperatures with the possibility of snow or freezing conditions.
  6. What happens at sunset?
    The sky gets darker because that part of the earth is turning AWAY from the sun.
  7. What happens at sunrise?
    The sky gets brighter because that part of the earth is turning TOWARD the sun.
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