FAR's section test II

  1. Removal of an engine mount and replacing it with a different mount to satisfy a STC engine change is classified as a ______alteration.
  2. During a 100 hour inspection you found some unairworthy items that you were not authorized to repair during the inspection: Besides the log book entry, you must ____?
    Make a list and give it to the owner signed and dated.
  3. What FAR requires a mechanic to use a checklist while performing a 100/Annual inspection?14CFR part__.__?
  4. You have completed a 100 hour inspection, and are now ready to approve the aircraft for return to service. What action must you take?
    Make a logbook entire and have an IA look at it.
  5. Under the FAR's, an aviation maintenance technician is required to perform maintenance on an aircraft so that it is at least equal to its original or properly altered condition. This is found in 14CFR part__.__?
    Part 43.13
  6. A transponder was inspected on October 21,2010 when is the next inspection due?
    October 31,2011. 24 calendar months
  7. The classification of items that constitute major and minor repairs and major and minor alterations are found in CFR part___,___?
    Part 43,Appendix A
  8. A 100 hour inspection can be exceeded by 10 hours while in route to a place where the inspection can be performed and those hours must be _______ from the next 100 hour inspection.
  9. How can you determine that an aircraft part or appliance you receive is serviceable?
    Check the paper work
  10. After completing a 100 hour inspection you provided the aircraft owner with a list of discrepancies and unairworthy items. How long must the owner keep this list?
    Until item(s) have been fixed
  11. For aircraft that are certified in the normal category, the FAR that requires inspection is 14 CFR part ___.
    Part 43
  12. (True/False) A certificated A&P may correct discrepancies that an IA finds during an annual inspection.
  13. (True/False) A certificated A&P may delegate their inspection duties for a 100 hour inspection.
  14. (True/False) An A&P may perform minor repairs to propellers.
  15. Must all Service Bulletins be complied before you can return an aircraft to service after a 100 hour inspection?
  16. The five items required in a maintenance record to return an aircraft to service after a minor repair that you accomplished are?
    • A description and reference to data acceptable to the FAA
    • The date of completion of worked performed.
    • Certificate type
    • Certificate number
    • Signature
  17. Permanent records are those records which must be retained and ______ upon sale of aircraft.
  18. A weight and balance change is part of an aircraft's______(permanent or temporary) record?
  19. Where in the FAR's will you find the certification requirements for mechanics?
  20. Is a certification airframe mechanic ever allowed to perform maintenance on engines?
    If supervised by certified mechanic
  21. What are the limitations to a mechanic's privileges with regard to propellers?
    minor repair minor alteration
  22. What are the requirements for recent experience in order to exercise the privileges of our mechanics certificate or rating?
    Worked 6 months in the previous 24 months
  23. What are the ratings issued under a mechanic's certification?
    • Airframe
    • Powerplant
  24. What is the duration of a mechanic's certification?
    Until surrendered, suspended,or revoked
  25. When may a mechanic perform an annul inspection and return the aircraft to service?
    When he gets an IA certification
  26. How long is a temporary airman's certificate valid?
    120 days
  27. If a mechanic's certification is revoked, how long must he/she wait before applying for a new certificate?
    1 year
  28. What are your requirements as a mechanic when you have a change of address?Notify____________within______?
    Airmen certification Branch in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma within 30 days
  29. A certificated airframe and powerplant mechanic is authorized to approve an aircraft to service after a/an______(100 hour or annual)
    100 hour
  30. In order for a certification Airframe and Powerplant mechanic to be authorized to approve an aircraft for return to service an annual inspection he or she must hold a/an?
  31. A certification mechanic operating under his/her general certification privileges ______(is or is not) authorized to perform minor repair to an aircraft instrument?
    Is not
  32. A certificated mechanic with a powerplant rating _____(is or is not) authorized to perform the work called for in an Airworthiness Directive on a propeller that requires a minor alteration to the propeller.
  33. The person performing a repair on a certificated aircraft and approving it for return to service is responsible for making sure that all of the material used conforms to the appropriate standards. This statement is _____(true/false).
  34. What is the minimum age to hold an Inspection Authorization?
  35. May a mechanic supervise a 100-hour inspection ( or a portion of that inspection) and then approve the aircraft for return to service?
  36. In order for a mechanic to work on a helicopter rotor, he/she must hold a ________ rating.
  37. Each person who holds a mechanic certificate shall keep it within the __________ where he normally exercises the privileges of the certificate.
    Immediate area
  38. A mechanic must present his/her certificate upon request to_____,____or___.
    • FAA
    • NTSB
    • Police officer
  39. Who first decides if a repair or alteration is major or minor?
    Airframe or Powerplant mechanic
  40. What is the authority that grants type certification, including STC's of Aircraft,Engines or Propellers?
    Federal Aviation Act of 1958 as amended
  41. 14CFR part____ covers supplement type certification?
    FAR 21
  42. A Field Approval is covered under:
    FAA policy
  43. A field approval must meet two standards. They are?
    Airworthiness and Performance
  44. Does the FAA require the operator/owner to keep FAA forms forever?
    No, major repairs must be kept for only 1 year.
  45. List the kinds of data for a major repair or major alteration.
  46. Where are the definitions for major repair and alterations found?
    FAR part 1
  47. You can use AC 43.13-2B for major alteration if the data is:
    • Appropriate to the product.
    • Applicable to the repair and not contrary to Mfg. data
  48. Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is a :
    • Regulation in part 21
    • A major change to a type design of an aircraft or component
    • Document that can be sold or transferred by the STC Owner
  49. An FAA field approval of a major repair or alteration is:
    • Approval of data only
    • Approval based on physical inspection or testing
    • approval of data for duplication on like makes/models
  50. For a field approval, block #3 of form 337 is signed by:
    FAA Airworthiness Inspector
  51. You are guaranteed a field approval if properly submitted.
  52. Where do you find help in determining Design load factors?
    AC 43.13-2B
  53. Where do you find help in filling out a form 337?
    AC.9.1F and appendix B of FAR 43
  54. For a field approval what should be presented to the local FAA
    A completed, unsigned form 337 with acceptable data
  55. Who gives the approval for the return to service of a product after a major repair or major alteration completed under a field approval?
    Mechanic with an IA, signs block 7
  56. An aircraft is airworthy when?
    Meets it type design and in a safe condition for flight
  57. When a major repair is completed there are two form 337's prepared. What does the mechanic do with these two forms?
    One to FAA,one to mechanic
  58. What is the minimum performance standard a major repair or major alteration must meet for a field approval?
    FAR 43
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