BCTC Anemia Defintions and Lab Values

  1. Polycythemia
    Excessive number of RBC
  2. Cytopenia
    Low blood cell counts
  3. Hematocrit
    The percentage of packed RBCs per deciliter.
  4. Hypoxia
    Reduced oxygen supply to the tissues
  5. Anemia
    A reduction of either:

    the number of RBC

    the amount of Hgb

    the hematocrit
  6. Hyperviscous
    Blood that is thicker than normal
  7. Neutropenia
    Low WBC count
  8. Thrombocytopenia
    Low platelet count
  9. Intrinsic factor
    A substance normally secreted by the gastic mucosa that is needed for intestinal absorption of Vitamin B12.
  10. Microcytic
    Small RBCs
  11. Hypochromic
    RBCs devoid of pigment
  12. RBC Lab value
    4.2 -5.4 male

    3.6- 5 female
  13. HCT value
    40-50% Male

    37-47% Female
  14. Hbg Lab value
    14-16.5 Male

    12-15 Female
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BCTC Anemia Defintions and Lab Values
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