chem chapter 5

  1. one
    • molecules (or atoms) of gases are continuously in motion
    • always have NRG
  2. two
    the volume of gas molecules is negligible compared to the volume of the container
  3. three
    • the attractive and repulsive forces of gas molecules are negligible
    • no affect on NRG transfer during a collision
  4. four
    • as long as the temp remains constant, the average kinetic energy of the molecules is constant
    • individual molecules can transfer NRG from one to another, but the average remains constant
  5. five
    • the average kinetic energy is directly proportional to absolute temperature
    • not dependent on the identity of gas
    • all gases have the same average NRG at same temperature
  6. exceptions to rules
    • 1. LOW TEMPS
    • overall average kinetic E of the gas is low, so attractive/repulsive forces are not negligible (#3 in KMT doesn't hold true)

    • 1. HIGH PRESSURE(greater than 10)
    • low volume in system, so volume of molecules is no longer negligible (#2 in KMT)
    • volume of molecule is significant
  7. to correct exceptions use Van der Waal's equation
    • P = nRT/(V-nb) - n2a/v2

    • b = constant compensates for volume occupied by gas molecs
    • a = contant that compensates for attractive/repulsive forces between molecs

    a & b change based on the different gases
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