Vocab 1

  1. vigorous
    strong, energetic and active in mind or body
  2. salvage
    to save from loss or destruction
  3. referendum
    the submission of a proposed public measure or law to a direct vote by population
  4. ratify
    to approve and give formal confirmation to something
  5. obligation
    the act of binding oneself by a moral, legal or social tie
  6. muddling
    the act of confusing or befuddling an issue
  7. moderate
    not extreme
  8. meddling
    intruding into other peoples affairs or business
  9. lucid
  10. irreversible
    impossible to reverse
  11. incapacitated
  12. impair
    to cause to diminish as in strength or quality
  13. Guaranty
    a guarantee to serving to assure a particular outcome or condition
  14. Extremisim
    the act of supporting or advocating something beyond normal
  15. Explicit
    fully and clearly expressed
  16. euphoric
    to feel great happiness or well being
  17. entail
    to have impose or require as a necessary consequence
  18. dubbed
  19. doom
    to condemn to ruination or death
  20. curtail
  21. covenant
    a contract
  22. barren
    not producing offspring
  23. Attribute
    to relate to a cause or source
  24. abated?
    to lessen
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