Pay grade, Title, and Insignia

  1. E-1
  2. No Insignia
    Private (PVT)
  3. E-2
    Private 2
  4. Image Upload 1
    Private 2 (PV2)
  5. E-3
    Private First Class
  6. Image Upload 2
    Private First Class (PFC)
  7. E-4
  8. Image Upload 3
    Specialist (SPC)
  9. E-4
  10. Image Upload 4
    Corporal (CPL)
  11. E-5
  12. Image Upload 5
    Sergeant (SGT)
  13. E-6
    Staff Sergeant
  14. Image Upload 6
    Staff Sergeant (SSG)
  15. E-7
    Sergeant First Class
  16. Image Upload 7
    Sergeant First Class
  17. E-8
    Master Sergeant
  18. Image Upload 8
    Master Sergeant (MSG)
  19. E-8
    First Sergeant
  20. Image Upload 9
    First Sergeant (1SG)
  21. E-9
    Sergeant Major
  22. Image Upload 10
    Sergeant Major (SGM)
  23. E-9
    Command Sergeant Major
  24. Image Upload 11
    Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
  25. E-9 Special
    Sergeant Major of the Army
  26. Image Upload 12
    Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA)
  27. How many pay grades are at the E-4 Level?
  28. What are the two titles of E-4 Pay Grade?
    Specialist and Corporal

    Note: Corporal is higher than Specialist
  29. How many pay grades are at the E-8 level?
  30. What are the titles of the two E-8 pay grade?
    Master Sergeant and First Sergeant

    Note: First Sergeant is higher than Master Sergeant
  31. How many Pay grades are at the E-9 level?
  32. What are the three titles at the E-9 level?
    Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Major of the Army

    Note: Sergeant Major is lowest of this grade, then Command Sergeant Major, and highest is Sergeant Major of the Army.
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