Chapters 28-29

  1. Before the Constitution, the United States was governed by
    The Articles of Confederation
  2. The Articles of Confederation establieshed
    A weak American Federal Goverment
  3. The first ten amendments to the U.S Constitution are known as
    The Bill of Rights
  4. Why did Napoleon sell Louisiana to the United States?
    He needed to concentrate his money and resources for fighting the British
  5. The Louisiana purchase
    Doubled the size of the United States
  6. Under what circumstances did Spain cede Florida to the United States
    beset by Latin American Rebellions and under pressure from the United States
  7. all of the following about the Lone Star republic are true
    It gain its independence after Sam Houston's troops took the president of Mexico hostage, American settlers tere were called "Texicans", It requested annexation by the United States
  8. The idea that Americans had a divine right to control the continent is called
    Manifest Destiny
  9. Slavery was the fundamental source of tension between
    the Industrial North and Agrarian South
  10. Westward expansion exacerbated North-South tension
    because of concern about whether the territory would be slave free
  11. What percentage of Southern males owned at least one slave by 1860
    25 percent
  12. How many states were part of the Confederate States of America
  13. The time period of the American civil war was
    1861 1865
  14. The ---- abolished slavery in the United States
    13th Amendment
  15. Immigration into the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was characterized by all of the following
  16. The ----- was a secret, nativist, racist group first organized in the South that directed violent fury against Catholics, Jews and Blacks
    Ku Klux Klan
  17. How did the United States gain control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines?
    from the Spanish-american War
  18. In Canada, catholics predominated in Lower Canada, while
    English protestant controlled Upper Canada
  19. The Dominion of Canada
    is governed by a constitution that combines parliamentary goverment with a federal union
  20. Which ideals subverted colonial rule by Spain and Portugal in the American colonies
  21. Spaniards born in the Americas were called
  22. Spaniards born in the Iberian Peninsula were called
  23. Spain's Carlos III
    was an enlightenment absolutist
  24. What role did Napoleon play in Latin American independence movements?
    Napoleons imprisonment of Spain's King Carlos IV allowed Latin American rebels to claim
  25. The viceroyalties of Spain included
    Peru, Rio de la Plata and New Granada
  26. Which of the following statements about Simon Bolivar is NOT true?
    He was a brilliant military strategist
  27. Jose San Martin was the main leader of the independence movement in
  28. Jose San Martin believed that the key to Spanish domination of South America was the colony of
  29. 'New Spain" was
    Mexico, Spain's most valuable possession in the Americas
  30. Father Miguel Hidalgo
    was a radical priest who led a brief revolt in Mexico
  31. The only European royalty to rule a trans-Atlantic empire from American soil was
    the Portuguese in Brazil
  32. Who declared Brazilian independence from Portugal?
    Pedro I
  33. Agustin de Iturbibe was Emperor of ----- between 1821-1823
  34. Which of the following is a correct statement about Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna?
    He was unscrupulous and powerful
  35. The la Reforma was
    the revolutionary movement that overthrew Santa Anna
  36. The ruler of Mexico who issued the Reform laws was
    Benito Juarez
  37. The Porfiriato
    was a period of political repression and rapid economic development in Mexico
  38. Francisco Madero believed that all of Mexicos problems could be cured by
  39. Which two nations dominated the "Southern Cone"?
    Argentina and Chile
  40. The ----- were the cowboys and ranchers who dominated the agrarian economy of Argentina
  41. Who led the government of Argentina in the 1820s until he was forced into exile in 1827
    Bernardino rivadavia
  42. Argentinas "conquest of the wilderness"
    was similar to campaigns against Amerids waged at the time in Chile and the United States
  43. In Argentina between 1871 and 1914
    nearly 6 million immigrants arrived from Spain, Italy and Germany
  44. The basis of Chiles economy was
  45. Who dominated Chilean politics in the 1830s
    Diego Portales
  46. The War of the Pacific
    was fought between Chile, Peru and Bolivia
  47. Staring in 1822, Braxil was
    a constitutional monarchy
  48. The last independent nation to permit slavery was
  49. Which of the following Latin American leaders was given the honor of helping ring the Liberty Bell on the centennial of the United States Declaration of Independence?
    Pedro II
  50. The dynasty established in China by the Manchus was the
  51. Chinas population growth was due in part to
    fast growing rice and the introduction of sweet potatoes
  52. What was the Cohong?
    Cantons merchant guild
  53. The Macartney Mission was designed to
    convince China to open ports to British goods
  54. How did China reply to the Macartney Mission?
    They said that China already had the goods it needed
  55. The First Opium War broke out because
    the Chinese government attempted to ban the import and use of opium within its borders
  56. When did the First Opium War begin?
  57. The Treaty of Nanjing did all of the following
    end the First Opium War, cede Hong Kong, give the British full commercial access to five ports
  58. Coolies were
    Chinese laborers shipped by the Western merchants to Cuba, Peru, California and elsewhere for low wage work
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