Government AP Chapter 3

  1. aid to families dependent children
  2. money from the national government for programs in certain general areas that the states can use at their discretion within broad guidelines set by congress
    block grants
  3. federal grants for specific purposes, such as building an airport
    categorical grants
  4. terms set by the national government that states must meet if they are to receive certain federal funds
    conditions of aid
  5. states more or less permanently united for common purposes
    confederation or confederal system
  6. the effort to devolve onto the states the national government's functions in areas such as welfare, health care, and job training
  7. doctrine holding that the national government is supreme in its sphere, the states are supreme in theirs, and the two spheres should be kept seperate
    dual federalism
  8. a political scientist who thought "the virtues of the federal system lies in its ability to develop and maintain mechanisms vital to the perpetuation of the unique combination of governmental strength, political flexibility, and individual liberty, which has always been the central concern of american politics"
    Daniel J. Elazar
  9. political system in which there are local units of government as well as national government that can make final decisions
    federal system
  10. a form of government made up of a federal state with a constitution and self-governing subunits
    federal republic
  11. money given by the national government to the states
  12. allows voters to place legislative measures and some constitutional amendments directly on ballot with enough signatures
  13. made up of mayors, governors, superintendents of schools, state directors of public health, and others who had come to count on federal funds
    intergovernmental lobby
  14. commerce only states could regulate
    intrastate commerce
  15. commerce congress could regulate
    interstate commerce
  16. a u.s. college or university entitled to support from the federal government under the provisions of the Morrill Acts
    land grant colleges
  17. McCulloh refused to pay a tax levied by MD government. Court ruled that MD couldn't tax a federal bank.
    McCulloh vs. Maryland
  18. terms set by the national government that states must meet whether or not they accept federal grants
  19. a US government program, financed by federal, state, and local funds of hospitalization and medical insurance for persons of all ages within certain income limits
  20. federal urban program placed by Lyndon Johnson that fell short of its goals
    Model Cities
  21. until 1960 federal grants were given for state needs but after the 1960's federal grants were started to be given for national needs
    national interests
  22. section of the constitution allowing congress to pass all laws "necessary and proper" to its duties and which was permitted congress to exercise powers not specifically given to it by the constitution
    necessary and proper clauses
  23. the doctrine that a state can declare null and void a federal law that in the the states opinion violates the constitution
  24. laws and regulations that promote health, safety, and morals enabled by the state
    police powers
  25. procedure where by voters can remove an elected official from office
  26. procedure enabling voters to reject a measure passed by legislatures
  27. federal sharing of a fixed percentage of its revenue with the states
    revenue sharing
  28. political scientist who said that "the main effect of federalism since the civil war has been the perpetuate racism"
    William H. Riker
  29. the flow of power and responsibility from states to local governments
    second order devolution
  30. supreme and unrestricted power, as a state
  31. unenumerated rights
    10th amendment
  32. the use of nongovernmental organizations to implement public policy
    third order devolution
  33. a government ruled by a single unit, central government, rather than giving partial power to smaller bodies of power
    unitary system
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