9B English Vocabulary1

  1. Affix
    (n.) a meaningful part of a word that is attached before (prefix) or after (suffix) a root or base word to modify it's meaning.
  2. Alliteration
    (n.) the repetition of initial consonant sounds in neighboring words.

    For example: The slithering, slimy, snake.
  3. Allusion
    (n.) a reference to a familiar person,place, or thing.
  4. Analogy
    (n.) a comparison of two or more similar objects, suggesting that if they are alike in certain respects, they will probably be alike in other ways too.
  5. Analysis
    (n.) a separating of a a whole into its parts with an exclamation of these parts to find out their nature and function.
  6. Antagonist
    (n.) a person or thing working against the main character.
  7. Antonym
    • (n.) a word that is opposite in meaning to another word.
    • For example: love-hate, good-bad.
  8. Author's Craft
    (n.) The techniques the author chooses to enhance writing.

    Examples: style, bias, point of view, flashback, foreshadowing, symbolism, figurative language, sensory detail, soliloquy, stream of consciousness.
  9. Autobiography
    (n.) an account of the life of an individual written by the subject, classified as non-fiction.
  10. Base Word
    (n.) a free morpheme (can stand alone), to which affixes can be added.

    For example: Worry
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