1. Drug errors
    include any event or activity that can cause a patient to receive the wrong dose, wrong drug, incorrect dosage of the drug, a drug by wrong route, or a drug given at an incorrect time.
  2. Unit dose system is
    a method in which drug orders are filled and medications are dispensed to fill each patients medication orders for a 24 hr period.
  3. Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) is
    a nonprofit organization devoted to the study of medication error and their prevention.
  4. Standard Precautions
    recommendation that gloves and/or other protective gear be worn when touching any blood or body fluids, mucuous membranes, or any broken skin area.
  5. Z-track technique of IM injections is
    used when a drug is highly irritating to tissues or has the ability permanently to stain the skin.
  6. Subcutaneous injections
    places the drug into the tissues between skin and muscle.
  7. IM injections are
    given into a muscle.
  8. Intradermal route are
    usually sensitivity tests. TB
  9. IV route is
    injected into the vein.
  10. Topical route
    act on the skin but are not absorbed through the skin.
  11. Transdermal Route are
    readily absorbed from the skin and provide systemic effects.
  12. Inhalation includes
    bronchodilators, mucolytics, and some anti-inflammatory drugs.
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