1. fervid
    full of intense passion
  2. effervescent
    bubbling up from a liquid
  3. conflagration
    a large and destructive fire
  4. flagrant
    outrageously conspicious
  5. inflammatory
    arousing strong emotion
  6. flamboyant
    colored in a showy way
  7. incendiary
    intended to start a fire
  8. incense
    to enrage
  9. caustic
    able to burn by chemical action
  10. cauterize
    to burn with hot iron to stop bleeding
  11. pyre
    a pile of wood for burning a corpse
  12. pyrotechnics
    a display of fireworks
  13. pyromania
    a compulsion to set things on fire
  14. scintilla
    a very small amount
  15. scintillate
    to give off sparks
  16. confluence
    the flowing together of two or more elements
  17. effluent
    a stream from larger body of water
  18. flux
    a flow
  19. dehydrate
    to remove water
  20. hydrology
    the study of water
  21. cormorant
    a dark, hook-billed sea bird
  22. marinade
    a liquid often seasoned with spices
  23. nauseate
    to cause to feel sick
  24. nave
    long central part of a church
  25. pontiff
    a pope
  26. pontificate
    to speak with pompous authority
  27. undulate
    to have a wavy motion
  28. redound
    to reflect either favorably or unfavorably
  29. redundant
    exceeding what is needed
  30. inundate
    to flood
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