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  1. how is unconjugated bilirubin transported even though it is very hydrophobic?
    serum albumin (has a variety of binding domains for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic ligands)
  2. how is conjugated bilirubin excreted into the bile?
    via ATP-dependent carrier, multidrug resistantce-associated protein 2 (MRP2)
  3. how is urobilinogen formed from conjugated bilirubin?
    conjugated bilirubin is metabolized by colonic bacteria yeilding urobilinogen
  4. how is urobilinogen converted to stercobilin?
    non-enzymatic auto-oxidation
  5. how much urobilinogen is excreted in the feces as stercobilin?
    90%, normal fecal stercobilin test is positive
  6. what is the path of enteropathic recirculation for urobilinogen?
    colon-portal blood-liver-bile-intestine
  7. is uncojugated bilirubin filtered by the kidney?
    is conjugated bilirubin filtered by the kidney?
    • unconjugated=not filtered, it is hydrophobic
    • conjugated=filtered (if present), it is amphipathic
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