1. Nucleus
    Contains most of genes that control eukaryotic cell
  2. Nuclear envelop
    • 2 lipid bilayers w/ perforated pores
    • separates the contents of the nucleus (DNA in particular) from the cytosol (cytoplasm)
  3. Nuclear lamina
    • Net-like array of protein filaments
    • maintain shape of nucleus
  4. Chromatin
    • Hair like
    • DNA organized around proteins inside nucleus
  5. Chromosomes
    Used when cell prepares to divide
  6. Nucleolus
    makes ribosomes
  7. Ribosomes
    build protein
  8. Cisternae
    Make up ER and GA
  9. Rough ER
    Makes and ships proteins for secretion
  10. Smooth ER
    Detoxification of drugs and poisons
  11. Golgi Apparatus
    Packs and ships proteins out of the cell
  12. Lysosomes
    • Sacs of enzymes
    • Break down macromolecules for recycling by hydrolysis
  13. Food vacuoles
    In muscles stores carbs as glucose
  14. Contractile vacuoles
    Helps pump excess water/solute out of the cell
  15. Central Vacuole
    In plant cells- storage, waste disposal, cell growth, cell protection
  16. Peroxisomes
    Contains enzymes that transfer H from substrates to O2 forming H2O2
  17. Mitochondria
    Cellular respiration (break down of glucose and production of ATP and O2)
  18. Chloroplasts
    Used in photosynthesis to create energy
  19. Cytoskeleton
    • Microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments
    • Structural support for motility and regulation
  20. Microtubules
    • Hollow cylinders
    • Guide movement of organelles, and help in cell division
  21. Microfilaments
    • Thin rods built from actin
    • Muscle contraction
  22. Intermediate filaments
    Supports cell shape and keeps organelles in place
  23. Cell Wall
    Protects plant cell (cellulose)
  24. ECM
    • Meshwork of macromolecules
    • Support/anchorage
  25. Desmosomes(adhearing)
    Holds 2 cells together- spot wells
  26. Gap junctions
    Channel that allows substances to pass through cells, lets them work as a whole (heart)
  27. Tight junctions
    Prevent leakage (stomach)
  28. Centrioles
    Microtubules used in cell reproduction
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