1. the opening verses of prufrock contains
    inarticulate speech, contradictory to what his name suggests
  2. in prufrock, the allusion to yellow fog references
    fog filled with coal smoke in london that often killed people
  3. walter benjamin
    he argues that literature in modern times allows for a widespread use, no longer based on royalty
  4. the hollow men deals with the topics of
    self-consciousness and identity
  5. the epitapth to the hollow men references
    guy fawkes and the straw man
  6. how does eliot portray hell in the hollow men
    the older notions of what heaven and hell are no longer working in the modern area. they represent the emptiness that we think are of value
  7. the waste land was composed in
  8. eliot's the waste land is often considered
    one of eliot's nervous breakdowns
  9. who saw the genius in the poem and decided to revise the waste land?
    ezra pound
  10. what magazine was the waste land first published in?
    dial magazine, 1922
  11. what was peculiar about eliot's the waste land
    he included his own footnotes
  12. what was the original title to the waste land?
    he do the police in different voices
  13. what was the original epitaph for the waste land?
    "i want to die"
  14. what are the names of the five sections of the waste land?
    the burial of the dad, a game of chess, the fire sermon, death by water, what the thunder said
  15. "Tears"
    Edward Thomas
  16. siegfried sassoon
    • -infantry officer who later wrote anti-war letter
    • -was accussed of having shell shock or being treasonous
  17. wilfred owen
    • -assistant to a vicar
    • -shell shock
    • -one week before the end of the war, he died
  18. William Butler Yeats
    • -called the national poem
    • -irish Protestant
    • -obsessed with maude gonne
  19. Easter 1916
    • -the easter rising in ireland
    • -stone and horse
    • -too long a sacrifice can make a stone of heart
  20. adam's curse
    • -about maude gonne
    • -we must labor to be beautiful
    • -the curse of knowledge
  21. W.H. Auden
    • -son of a doctor and educator from york
    • - sexual orientation and leftist leaning come into play
    • -homosexuality "an open secret"
  22. "the unknown citizen"
    • -parody of the unknown soldier
    • -modernist alienation
    • -focused on material consumption
  23. "september 1, 1939"
    • -part of hitler's rise
    • -"we must love one another or die"
  24. "the shield of achilles"
    • -homer and greek warfare
    • -keats and beauty
    • -wars of ideology
    • -nihilism
    • -iron hearted, man slaying achilles
  25. who are the founding foremothers of feminism
    mary wollstonecraft, john stuart mill
  26. how was mrs. dalloway a thought experiment
    stream of consciousness and it considered the world of the subjunctive
  27. james joyce
    • -married nora barnacle
    • - lived in paris as an artist/ writer
    • -ezra pound
    • - alcoholism a large part of his life
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