Othello Vocab Quiz 2

  1. discern
    to differentiate between two or more things
  2. discord
    lack of agreement, tension, strife
  3. discretion
    ability to act on one's own power of individual decision
  4. edifying
    instructing and improving spiritually or morally
  5. enmesh
    to entangle
  6. entreaty
    a plea. an earnest request
  7. epithet
    a term or phrase describing or characterizing
  8. facile
    easy, achieved with little difficulty
  9. forbearance
    patience, lenience
  10. fulsome
    excess to the point of disgust, extreme lavishness
  11. garner
    to gather together, to store up
  12. gravity
    seriousness, importance
  13. guileness
    without deceit
  14. hideous
    very ugly, offensive, shocking
  15. homage
    a reverential regard; respect shown by external action
  16. imperious
    extremely overbearing
  17. insolence
    insulting or contemptuos behavior
  18. laconic
    using a minimum of words; concise to the point of seeming rude
  19. lecher
    one who indulges excessively in sexual activity or in lasciviousness
  20. lethargic
    sluggish, languid
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