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  1. Recharge areas
    b. are always larger than discharge ones
  2. The fastest water moves from a recharge are to a discharge area is a few
    c. days
  3. In arid areas, recharge occurs mainly in mountains and
    c. alluvial fans
  4. Large springs usually emerge from lava, gravel, or
    d. limestone
  5. Aqicludes are found
    a. where the impermiable stone meet permiable stone
  6. Stream beds and channels
    e. can serve as recharge ares in arid regions
  7. All of the following combinations would tend to produce springs except
    b. granite over gravel
  8. Newly consructed wells
    a. remove water faster than it cahn be recahrged
  9. Springs that emerge from lava flows typically
    c. overly faults
  10. Which of the following structures appear around a new well?
    c. cone of depression
  11. A perched water body
    d. it is aquiclude above the water table
  12. The origin of the word "aquifer" is
    e. latin
  13. Which of the following statements about an aquifer is not true?
    b. A region of gravel makes an excellent aquifer
  14. Aquifer translates to water
    d. carrier
  15. A well should be drilled in an igneous rock only when
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