world geo

  1. subcontinent
    large land mass that is smaller than a continent
  2. alluvian plains
    rich farm lands
  3. archipelago
    island group
  4. atoll
    submerged volcano surrounded by coral reefs and lagoons
  5. monsoons
    seasonal winds
  6. cyclones
    south asian form of hurricanes
  7. storm surges
    high waters
  8. estuary
    an arm of the sea at the end of a river
  9. raj
    period of direct british control over india
  10. nonviolent resistance
    a form of protest without violence
  11. land reform
    balanced distribution of land
  12. caste system
    arynian system of social classes
  13. indus valley civilization
    a large civilization that existed in pakistan
  14. partition
    division of india
  15. microcredit
    small loans to poor entrepeneurs
  16. entrepreneurs
    people who start and build a buissness
  17. constitutional monarchies
    kingdoms where the rulers power is limited by a constitution
  18. siddhatha guatama
    founder of buhddism
  19. mandalas
    symbols of the universe
  20. baasic nessesities
    food clothing shelter
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