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  1. Which of the following units is appropriate for measureing the veolcity of groundwater?
    d. cm per day
  2. Why does groundwater flow slower than streams?
    c. Streams are unimpeded, but ground water must seep through pores
  3. Porosity is
    c. the percentage of bedrock that is open space
  4. what value is a reasonable porosity for gravel?
    c. 20 percent
  5. The porosity of clay may reach as high as
    a. 50 percent
  6. Which factor has the greatest impact on permeability
    b. pore size
  7. What force keeps water in the soil after precipitaition?
    c. molecular attraction
  8. Soil contains large amount of
    b. clay
  9. What force puuls water out of the soil into the ground water?
    d. gravity
  10. Water moves through the saturated zone via
    e. percolation
  11. Water may enter a lake from below, opposing gravity, if
    c. the water flowed from high elevation in the saturated zone
  12. Water moves through the saturated zone in
    b. narrow, parallel paths
  13. The water table intersects the Earth's surface at
    d. springs
  14. Particles of clay have a diameter of
    a. 0.005mm
  15. Most ground water enters a stream
    b. from beneath
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