physiology chap 11

  1. what are the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system
    sympathetic and parasympathetic
  2. what general effects does the sympathetic ner sys have on body functions?
    promotes catabolic processes, fight or flight, elevates processes, such as

    • -increased heart rate
    • -increase blood supply
    • -airway dilation and respitatory rate increase
    • -mobilization of fat stores and use of carbohydrates for energy
  3. what effects does the parasympathetic have on body?
    rest and repose, energy conserving, secretion of digestive glands, hormonal secretion promotes nutrition absorption, increases smooth muscle activity of gi tract, contraction of bladdar, sexual arousal, reduction in heart rate
  4. what neurotransmitters are released by pre ganglionic neurons
    preganglionic neurons secrete acetylcholine (Ach) binds to nicotinic cholinergic recepotors
  5. what neurotransmitters are released by post ganglionic neurons
    • sympathetic-secrete norepinephrine binds to adrenergic receptors
    • parasym-secrete acetrylcholine binds to muscarinic cholinergic
  6. what is neuro effector junction
    neurotransmitter is released from mumerous swelling located at intervals along the axon called varicosities. mechanism of neurotransmitter release from varicosities is similar to axon terminal
  7. describe visceral reflex
    • visceral reflexes have the following elements:
    • vis. sensory receptors pick up info regarding changes, chemical, stretch (blood Pressure), and irritation of visceral organs
    • vis.sen.neurons send info to contorl centers in the central n.s.
    • contorl centrs send commands to internal organs innervatred by the autonomic n.s. to effector organ to iniate a response
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