Chap 3 Brown

  1. What are the five test types described by Brown?
    • 1.Language Aptitude Tests
    • -Measure capacity or general ability to learn a foreign language and ultimate success
    • Example: Modern LanguageAptitude Test (MLAT) & Pimsleur Language Aptitude Battery (PLAB)

    • 2. Proficiency Tests
    • ---Tests global competence in a language; not limited to any one course, curriculum, or single skill in the language; rather, it tests overall ability

    • 3. Placement Tests
    • --Place students in particular level

    • 4. Diagnostic Tests
    • --Diagnose specific aspects of language

    • 5. Achievement Tests
    • --Should address particular curriculum
  2. What are the four practical tasks for test construction?
    1. Assessing Clear, Unambiguous Objectives

    2. Drawing up Test Specifications

    3. Devising Test tasks

    • 4. Designing Multiple-choice Test items
    • -- Be careful when designing a MP choice test
  3. Characteristics of multiple choice tests
    1. Receptive and selective from a set of responses (a supply)

    2. Every MCT has a stem which has several options or alternatives.

    3. The key is the correct response while others are distractors.
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