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  1. Why are water sources being depleted?
    b. greater population and industrial processes
  2. What percent of the Earth is ground water?
    d. 1
  3. How much more of the Earth's water is stored in glaciers then in fresh water strams and land lakes?
    e. 120 times more
  4. From what sources do most ground water originate?
    c. rain
  5. Who quantitatively proved the origin of groundwater?
    b. Pierre Perault
  6. What distance beneath the surface of the Earth is the deepest that anyone has found groundwater?
    a. 11km
  7. Why is groundwater found deeper than 750 meters not very useful?
    d. The high pressure and small openings prevent flow.
  8. The unsaturated zone is also called the
    b. zone of aeration
  9. All of the following statements about the water table are true except
    c. when diggin a well, the water table is the first water one contacts
  10. Where is one most likely going to have to drill the deepest to find the water table?
    d. northern africa
  11. In very humid climates,
    a. the water table imitates the surface topography
  12. Capillary attraction refers to the
    b. suction created in the vacuum-like unsaturaed zone
  13. Who wrote "Groundwater"?
    c. Brain J. Skinner
  14. How many meters deep would groundwater go if it were distributed evenly over all the land on earth?
    b. 55
  15. Which of the following events would not occur in times of extreme drought?
    c. capillary fringe disappears
  16. Where was the deepest source of water found?
    a. Kola Peninsula
  17. Which river basin was tested to prove the source of groundwater?
    b. Seine
  18. Early cities increased water resouces by digging wells and
    c. canals
  19. The maxium thickness of the capillary fringe is
    c. 60 cm
  20. The author of "Groundwater" compares capillary action to
    kerosene through the wick of a lamp
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