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  1. Who first discovered that all sedimentary rocks are origonally horzontally layered?
    b. Nicholas Steno
  2. According to the law of superposition,
    e. the youngest rocks are at the top of a sedimentary rock formation
  3. Relative dating is
    c. relies on the positions of different strata
  4. Which of the following statements about absolute dating is not true?
    b. Absolute dating is the only reliable tool used by statigraphers
  5. Biostratigraphy requires the stratigrahpher to know
    e. when the fossilized organism lived
  6. Tyrannosaurus Rex lived for approximately
    a. 2 million years
  7. The oldest method of geological dating is
    b. biostratigraphy
  8. The Phanerozoic time period is defined by
    d. the appearance of animals with skeletons
  9. Cenos translates to
    b. new
  10. How many eras fall in the Phanerzoic time period?
    a. three
  11. Periods are divided into
    d. epochs
  12. Upper Cretaceous rock layers correspond to
    a. Late Cretaceous
  13. What accomplishments do the authors of "Geological Time" believe is the most important achievement of geology?
    d. development of the Geological Timescale
  14. All of the following epochs are part of the Middle Jurassic Period except
    b. Oxfordian
  15. If all of Earth's history were condesned to one year, dinosaurs would have lived for about
    c. two weeks
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