gylys ch 12 female

  1. glans (on female and male)
    erectile tissue at ends of penis, clitoris
  2. puerperium
    6 week period after childbirth--pregnant body and mind resolve
  3. graafian follicles
    in ovaries--thousands of sacs each containing an ovum
  4. corpus luteum
    • the empty follicle (after ovulation releases the egg)
    • small yellow mass that releases estrogen and progesterone
  5. oviducts
    another word for fallopian tubes
  6. uterine tubes
    another term for fallopian tubes
  7. 3 parts of uterus
    • fundus
    • body
    • cervix
  8. Bartholin glands
    lubricate the vagina
  9. milk producing glands are drained by these ducts
    lactiferous ducts
  10. menarche
    first-ever period
  11. 3 phases of menstrual cycle
    • menstrual
    • ovulatory
    • postovulatory
  12. menstrual phase
    • days 1-5
    • sloughing
  13. ovulatory phase
    • days 6-14
    • menstruation stops, endometrium starts to thicken again
    • day 14 graafian rupture sends egg down fallopian
  14. postovulatory phase
    • days 15-28
    • empty follicle is now called corpus luteum (yellow)
    • it secretes estrogen and progesterone to build endo in prep for embryo
    • no fert? CL degenerates, levels of E and P decline
  15. parturition
  16. embryo
    until 3rd month
  17. fetus
    3rd month until birth
  18. metri/o
  19. perine/o
  20. -arche
  21. -cyesis
  22. -gravida
    pregnant woman
  23. -para
    to bear offspring
  24. -salpinx
  25. -tocia
    childbirth, labor
  26. -version
  27. ectopic
    in a new place
  28. PID is usually caused by
    bacterial infection
  29. another word for candidiasis
  30. 2 most commone types of vaginitis
    • candidiasis
    • trichomoniasis
  31. mycostatics
    antifungals that suppress the growth of fungi
  32. another term for fibroids
    leiomyomas (or just myomas)
  33. nulliparous
    have not borne children
  34. adnexa
    accessory parts of a structure (adnexa uteri are the ovaries and fallopian tubes)
  35. atresia
    congenital absence or closure of a normal body opening
  36. choriocarcinoma (rare)
    malignancy of uterus or at site of ectopic pregnancy
  37. dyspareunia
    pain during sex
  38. fibroids
    benign uterine tumors made of muscle and fibrous tissue
  39. pyosalpinx
    pus in the fallopian tube
  40. vaginismus
    painful spasm from vaginal contraction
  41. abruptio placentae
    premature separation of an otherwise normal placenta
  42. amnion (tricky)
    fetal side of placenta, curves in and forms outer surface of umblical cord
  43. dystocia
    difficult labor
  44. eclampsia
    most serious form of toxemia during pregnancy
  45. multigravida
    been pregnant more than once
  46. multipara
    delivered more than one baby
  47. para II (etc)
    has given birth for the second time (regardless of multiples)
  48. placenta previa
    placenta ruptures early because it is attached near the cervix
  49. insufflation
    delivery of pressurized air or gas into a cavity or organ to allow visual examination, remove an obstruction or to apply medication
  50. CVS
    chorionic villus sampling (sample of placental tissue for birth defects)
  51. cerclage
    tie cervix off to treat incompetent uterus--decreases chance of spont abortion
  52. colpocleisis
    surgical closure of vagina
  53. episiorraphy
    repair of a lacerated vulva or episiotomy
  54. myomectomy
    excision of myomatous tumor (usually uterine)
  55. prostaglandins
    induce miscarriage (terminate pregnancy)
  56. oxytocics
    induce labor (on time) by increasing strength and freq of contractions
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