Science Midterm Vocab

  1. Density=
  2. chemical bond
    the attractive force that holds atoms or ions together
  3. ionic bond
    a bond formed by the attraction between OPPOSITELY charged ions
  4. molecular formula
    a chemical formula that reports the actual numbers of atoms in one molecule of a compound
  5. covalent bond
    a bond formed when atoms share 1 or more pairs of electrons (NM + NM)
  6. polyatomic ion
    an ion made of 2 or more atoms that are covalently bonded & act like a single ion
  7. To make a covalent bond, valence electrons are ________
  8. When a metal & a non-metal bond, electrons are _____
  9. What happens to atoms in a chemical reaction?
    They re-arrange
  10. Coefficients
    The number that can be adjusted to balance chemical equations
  11. Solute
    dissolves the solvent
  12. Solvent
    the substance being dissolved
  13. 3 properties of a BASE
    • OH
    • Slippery
    • Bitter
  14. 2 properties of a ACID
    • sour
    • H
  15. Quantitative
    • Tells quantity
    • numbers (#)
  16. Qualitative
    • main idea
    • no numbers
  17. Compound
    a substance with mixed elements
  18. Molecule
    the smallest unit showing the elements of the substance
  19. Atom
    the smallest unit of an element
  20. The Law of the Conservation of Mass
    Mass cannot be created or destroyed
  21. Cation
    + ion
  22. Anion
    - ion
  23. Isotopes
    Atoms having the same # of protons, but a different # of neutrons
  24. Atomic Number
    # of protons and electrons
  25. Endothermic
    • energy absorbed
    • cold
  26. Extothermic
    • energy released
    • warm
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