Bible Test Study Guide

  1. Apologia-A speech from
    • Apologeomai-To make a speech from
    • Plenary-inspiration to all parts of the Bible
    • Verbal-Inspiration extends beyond the mere consepts to the very words
    • Inspiration-The method by which God has comminicated to man
    • Canon-measuring rod, standard
    • Apocrypha-hidden or hard to understand
    • Hebrew-the language in which the OT was written in
    • Masorites-Jewish Scribes
    • Septuagint-a Greek translation of the OT
    • Byzantine-the family which is later but has more manuscripts
    • Alexandrian-the family which is earlier but has fewer manuscripts
    • Vulgate-Latin translation of the Bible, translated by Jerome
    • Prophet-a spokesmen of God
  2. NT vs OT/Quality vs Quantity
  3. Big three topics
    • Who is Jesus? Does God exist? Is the Bible true?
    • Translating (Who and Why)

    • Numbers of manuscripts
    • 24,000
    • Apocrypha
    • hidden or hard to understand. they where added by the RCC but rejected by the Protestants
    • Define Apologetics
    • Apologetics is the science and art of presenting and deffending doctrines of the Christian faith in a
    • reasonable manner
    • Define Revelation
    • Revelation is the content of what God has communicated to man
    • Foretelling vs Forthtelling
    • foretelling is predicting the future events, forthtelling is communicating Gods truth
    • Criteria for genuine prophecy
    • proper timing, specific details, exact fulfillment
    • Three reasons to reject Apocrypha
    • 1)The Jews didnt accept it, nor did Jesus 2)They where written after the Prophets 3)bad historical errors
    • Correct view of Inspiration and 3 other views
    • Inspiration given by God. 1)Natural 2)Partial 3) Dictation
    • OT vs NT
    • OT was masoretic text and NT was divided into two sections
    • Latin and English translations
    • Latin is Jerome and English is John Wycliffe
    • Bible translation
    • Septuajent-Greek translation of the Bible
    • 1 Peter 3:15
    • But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready tp give a defense to everyone who asks you
    • a reason fot the hope that is in you wuth, meekness and fear...
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