1. How can you be more creative?
  2. It is important to recognize it’s importance and notice that creativity can be taught and brought out with the use of hands on experiences. self imposed barriers, can be imposed on ourselves consiously or unconsciously, make it difficult to recognize but relatively easy to correct. Ask yourself what would XX do? try putting yourself in someone elses shoes and brainstorm different ideas. Theres no such thing as a outragous idea. Think out of box solutions. One right answer. We have always been guided to find one right answer. Try coming up with alternative solutions. Conformity: Dont conform to your social circle, boss, or professors. Suprize them and take a radical and different idea and introduce them to it. change the obivious: Dont go with the most obivious answer. Give yourself extra time to consider different answers.
    Think broadly and long term. Not analytically Evaluating too quickly: dont limit your ideas too quickly, you could chance loosing valuable ideas and solutions early in the game. Stay open minded.Fear of looking foolish: surprise, everyone thinks they are going to look foolish. Your not alone, however a prepared environment is safer and supports risk. Experiment you ideas with the people your comfortable with and trust. Cynicism and negativity: stay away from it. This is a huge hindrance on creativity.
  3. Why Be creative? because your brain will thank you
    • •Develop your potential beyond the boundaries of intelligenceDevelop all of your potential!
    • • In a world of rapid growth, increasing complexity, change, and competition, generating new ideas and bringing them to the table is now essential for corporate management. Successful businesses are the ones that instill creativity throughout the organization.
    • • creativity is a human resource which exists in all organizations
    • •Discover new and better ways to solve problemsIncreasingly, the problems you face are complex and open-ended. Knowledge alone isn't enough to reach innovative solutions. Creative thinking skills are required.
    • •Building on the nature of knowledgeCreativity skills can assist an individual in enhancing his or her knowledge base. Without creative thinking, an individual is condemned to stay within the knowledge base as it is given.
    • •Important aspect of mental healthIndividuals who are capable of incorporating creativity into their lives can enjoy the experience of discovering, developing, and utilizing their many talents. Skills relevant to creativity are also useful in coping with life's challenges. There is no doubt, creative thinking is a critical life skill.
    • •Builds on all disciplinesCreativity is in all fields-from chemistry to engineering, education to computer science, sociology to business.
    • •Contributes to effective leadership
  4. How can you benefit from being more creative?
    • Creativity is a continuous activity, especially for an entrepreneure and is an important ability in creating an entrepreneurial mindset.
    • The more creative someone is/can be, then the more likely they are able to come up with good ideas, which is the first step to becoming successful.

    For the most part, having good ideas is the most cost effective and is sometimes the only way to beat the competition to stay in business. The world around us is always changing, therefore, people must have the ability to adapt to those changes and grow towards becoming more open to new ideas and challenges. Being more creative will open more doors and enable a successful, positive future.
  5. What is Creativity?
    • *Creativity is the ability to develop new ideas or change existing ones and to discover new ways of looking at problems and opportunities.Two processes are involved in creativity: thinking, and then producing. This process can be disorganized, unexpected, or frustrating, although it can lead to a brilliant idea that will prosper. Highly creative individuals can usually be identified by the existence of a specific cluster of innate aptitudes:
    • • a naturally rapid flow of ideas;
    • • divergent thinking style
    • •most often in terms of having strong sensitivities to light, sound or visual images;
    • •Strong intutition
    • •High emotional intelligence

    These aptitudes, when used in combination, give rise to creative intelligence – a superior ability for innovative thinking and application.
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