Lab Exam 2 bones

  1. External Auditory Canal
    • small hole
    • inferior part of temporal bone
  2. Carotiod Canal
    • sm. hole
    • inferior part of skull
    • anterior to jugular foramen
    • medial to styloid process
  3. Internal Acoustic Canal
    • sm. hole
    • petrous part of temporal bone
  4. Hypoglossal Canal
    • sm. hole
    • inferior part of skull
    • around foramen magnum
  5. Supraorbital Foramen
    • sm. hole superior to orbit
    • medial
  6. Infraorbital Foramen
    • sm. hole
    • maxillary bone
    • inferior to orbit
  7. Mental Foramen
    • sm. hole
    • chin
  8. Jugular Foramen
    • sm. "J" shaped hole
    • inferior part of skull
    • between temporal and occipital bones
    • posterior to carotid canal
  9. Mandibular Foramen
    • sm. hole
    • inferior, posterior part of mandible
  10. Stylomastoid Foramen
    • sm. hole
    • between styloid process and mastoid process
  11. Incisive Foramen
    • sm hole
    • behind upper teeth
  12. Greater Palatine Foramen
    sm. holes on palatine bone
  13. Mandibular Condyle
    • back projections of mandible
    • sits in zygomatic bone
    • allows jaw to open
  14. Occipital Condyle
    • flat tadpole shaped
    • around foramen magnum
  15. Foramen Magnum
    lrg. hole at base of skull
  16. Mandibular Fossa
    on TEMPORAL BONE where mandibular condyle articulates
  17. Superior and Inferior Orbital Fissure
    elongated grooves in upper and lower parts of orbit
  18. Zygomatic Process of the Temporal Bone
    part of temporal bone that connects with zygomatic bone
  19. Temporal Process of the Zygomatic Bone
    part of zygomatic bone that connects to temporal bone
  20. Coronoid Process
    • projection on posterior part of mandible
    • anterior to mandibular process
  21. Styloid Process
    sm. pointy projection on temporal bone
  22. Mastoid Process
    lrg blunt points on temporal bone
  23. Ramus of Mandible
    extension of mandible bone that makes the angle of the jaw
  24. Cranial Bones
    • occipital
    • temporal
    • parietal
    • frontal
    • sphenoid
    • ethmoid
  25. Sella Turcica
    • scoop on sphenoid bone
    • pituitary sits in it
  26. Crista Galli
    • on cibiform plate on ethmoid bone
    • shark fin
  27. Cribiform Plate
    • on ethmoid bone
    • has sm. holes that contain nerves that pass smell from nose to brain
  28. Perpendicular Plate of the Ethmoid Bone
    upper part of nasal septum
  29. Nasal Bones
    • superior to nasal openning
    • medial to orbits
  30. Zygomatic Bones
  31. Maxillary Bone
    upper jaw
  32. Mandible
    lower jaw
  33. Vomer
    • lower part of nasal septum
    • extends downward and ends behind palatine plate
  34. Palatine Bone
    palette of posterior mouth
  35. Sutures
    • coronal
    • lambdoidal
    • squamous
    • sagittal
    • occipitomastoid
  36. Acromion Process
    largest highest projection on the lateral part of the scapula
  37. Coracoid Process
    projection on scapula smaller and lower than acromion process
  38. Glenoid Cavity
    • lateral part of scapula
    • where humerus articulates
  39. Superior Angle of the Scapula
    upper medial corner of scapula
  40. Superior Border of the Scapula
    top edge of scapula
  41. Medial Border of the Scapula
    inner border of scapula
  42. Lateral Border of the Scapula
    outer border of scapula
  43. Inferior Angle of the Scapula
    bottom corner of scapula
  44. Spine of Scapula
    long prjection across posterior scapula
  45. Supra and Infra Spinous Fossa of the Scapula
    fossa above and below the spine of the scapula
  46. Greater Tubercle
    lrg knob on back of head of humerus
  47. Lesser Tubercle
    smaller knob on back of head of humerus
  48. Intertubercle Groove
    groove between tubercles
  49. Deltoid Tuberosity
    where deltoid attaches to humerous
  50. Coronoid Fossa
    large crater on inferior anterior humerus
  51. Olecranon Fossa
    crater between epicondyle inferior posterior humerus
  52. Radial Fossa
    smaller carter inferior anterior humerus
  53. Capitulum
    inferior anterior lateral knob(1) on humerus
  54. Tronchlea
    inferior anterior medial knob(2) on humerus
  55. Medial and Lateral Epicondyles
    anterior inferior knobs on humerus (above capitulum and tronchlea)
  56. Olecranon Process
    upper part of "U" on ulna (ELBOW)
  57. Tronchlear Notch
    interior of the "U" on the ulna
  58. Coronoid Process
    lower part of "U" on the ulna
  59. Head of Ulna
    inferior articulates with lunate
  60. Styloid Process
    point on medial portion of head of ulna
  61. Head of Radius
    small flat and round superior
  62. Radial Tuberosity
    rounded process under head of radius medial
  63. Styloid Process of Radius
    thumb side lateral inferior
  64. Ulnar Notch of Radius
    inferior medial articulates with ulna
  65. Wrist
    • scaphoid
    • lunate
    • triquetrum
    • pisiform
    • trapezium
    • trapezoid
    • Capitate
    • hamate(has hook on palmer side)
  66. Hand
    • metacarples
    • phalanx(proximal, middle, distal)
  67. Vertebral Body
    on anterior part of vertebra
  68. Vertebral Foramen
    where spinal cord passes
  69. Superior Articular Process of Vertebra
    knobs on top of vertebra inner part of the transverse process
  70. Inferior Articular Process
    bottom of vertebra at end of spinous process
  71. Tranverse Process
    side points of vertebra
  72. Spinous Process
    back point of the vertabra
  73. Facet for Tubercle of Rib
    at ends of transverse process
  74. Intervertebral Notch
    underneath of vertebra between body and spinous process
  75. Pedicle
    between body and transverse process
  76. Lamina
    between transverse process and spinous process
  77. Atlas
    • C1
    • NO body or spinous process
    • lrg transverse foramen(carotid artery goes up jugular vein goes down)
    • very lrg vertebral foramen
    • short transverse process
    • ontop facets that join with occipital condyles
    • facet that joins with dens (front interior area of vertebral foramen)
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