Psychology Terms(A)

  1. Accommodation
    The creation of new cognitive schemas when objects experiences or other information does not fit with existing schemas
  2. Action Potential
    The firing on a neuron Occurs when the charge inside the neuron becomes more positive than the charge outside
  3. Altruism
    Behavior that is unselfish and may even be detrimental but which benefits others
  4. Amnesia
    Loss of memory Usually only a partial loss such as for a period of time or biographical information
  5. Analysis
    See Psychoanalysis
  6. Anxiety
    The physiological and psychological reaction to an expected danger whether real or imagined
  7. Aphasia
    The impairment of the ability to communicate either through oral or written discourse as a result of brain damage
  8. Arousal Theory
    The theory stating that we are motivated by our innate desire to maintain an optimal level of arousal
  9. Assimilation
    Incorporating objects experiences or information into existing schemas
  10. Associations
    The phenomenon in learning that states we are better able to remember information if it is paired with something we are familiar with or otherwise stands out
  11. Attatchment
    The strong bond a child forms with his or her primary caregiver
  12. Attribution
    An idea or belief about the etiology of a certain behavior
  13. Authoritarian (parents)
    Parenting style focused on excessive rules rigid belief systems and the expectation of unquestioned obedience
  14. Authoritative (parents)
    Parenting style focused on setting reasonable rules and expectations while encouraging communication and independence
  15. Availability Heuristic
    A rule of thumb stating that information more readily available in our memory is more important than information not as easily accessible
  16. Aversion Therapy
    A type of behavioral treatment where an aversive stimuli is paired with a negative behavior in hopes that the behavior will change in the future to avoid the aversive stimuli
  17. Axon
    The tail like part of the neuron through which information exits the cell
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Psychology Terms(A)
Psychology Terms (A)