GRE Words

  1. Aberrent
    • adj.
    • deviating from what is normal
    • Sentence: When a person's behavior becomes aberrant, his peers may become concerned that the individual is becoming a deviant.
  2. Coda
    • noun
    • concluding part of a literary or musical composition; something that summarizes or concludes
    • Sentence: The coda of the Danish composer Per Norgard's Sixth Symphony seems to return to the serene sounds of the opening.
  3. Dichotomy
    • noun
    • division into two usually contradictory parts
    • Sentence: The philosopher is a dualist* who argues that there is a dichotomy between the mind and physical phenomena.
    • *dualist: one who believes in dualism, which is the theory that two basic entities constitute reality(mind/matter or good/evil)
  4. Abeyance
    • noun
    • temporary suppression or suspension
    • Sentence: A good judge must hold his or her judgement in abeyance until all the facts in a case have been presented.
  5. Abscond
    • verb
    • to depart secretly
    • Sentence: A warrent is out for the arrest of a person believed to have absconded with 3 million dollars
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