legislative number 2

  1. How often must congress meet?
    once a year
  2. What is a quorum?
    minimum number of members that must be present for the house of senate to conduct session
  3. who determines the rules of each house?
    they set there own rules
  4. how may a member be expelled?
    for disorderly behavior and if they get 2/3 votes
  5. what is the name of the house journal?
    congressional record
  6. why does each house keep a journal?
    so there is a complete, official record of everything said on the floor
  7. Who pays congress people?
    the u.s. treasury
  8. how much did congress get originally? today?
    • $6 per day
    • $129,500
  9. What is a priviledge of congress people?
    members cant be sued or prosecuted for anything they say in congress
  10. What are the enumertated powers?
    powers specifically mentioned in constitution that belong to congress
  11. What are the 9 enumerated powers?
    • to lay and collect taxes
    • borrow money on credit from u.s (savings bonds)
    • regulate trade and commerce
    • coin money and regulate value of money
    • establish post office
    • declare war
    • raise and support army and navy
    • provide militia
    • govern washington d.c
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