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  1. Which group of nitrogen bases have two rings?
    The purines
  2. Which group of nitrogen bases has only one ring?
  3. Replication Bubble:
    A secondary point where DNA started replicating. Causes a bubble shape; also known as an origin of replication.
  4. What unwinds the DNA strand?
    The protein/enzyme Helicase
  5. How is the DNA strand kept open?
    By single- strand binding proteins.
  6. Which strand does DNA polymerase attach to?
    The top strand
  7. Which direction does DNA polymerase travel in?
    5' to 3'; opposite direction to the lagging strand.
  8. What is the name of the 5' ? 3' strand?
    Leading strand
  9. Which strand is the lagging strand?
    The bottom strand
  10. How is the lagging strand constructed?
    Piece by piece in small chunks.
  11. What direction can new nucleotides be added in?
    5' to 3' ONLY.
  12. What does primase do?
    Lays down primer, which is a small chunk of nucleotides, on the lagging strand.
  13. Okazaki fragment
    A small handful of additional nucleotides laid down on the lagging strand after the primer.
  14. When does DNA ligase come in?
    When DNA polymerase hits primer and can neither lay down more Okazaki fragments nor attach the Okazaki fragments with the primer
  15. What exactly does DNA ligase do?
    It connects Okazaki fragments with the primer
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