1. burgh
    n.: a town; an incorporated town
  2. protruded
    v.: projected; jutted out
  3. haunches
    n.: the hips or fleshy part of the body about the hips; the hindquarters of an animal
  4. spare
    adj.: lean or thin
  5. scanty
    adj.: insufficient; very brief
  6. nag
    n.: an old horse
  7. robust
    adj.: strong, healthy, hearty
  8. perceived
    v.: became aware of, identified by means of the senses; recognized
  9. interminable
    adj.: having no apparent limit or end
  10. vender (also spelled vendor)
    n.: a seller
  11. impassive
    adj.: showing or feeling no emotion
  12. shaft
    n.: a long pole or handle serving to balance a weapon or tool
  13. spits
    n.: pointed rods for skewering and holding meat over a fire for cooking
  14. mutton
    n.: the flesh of a mature sheep, used as food
  15. aristocracy
    n.: a class of persons holding high rank and privileges, especially the nobility
  16. incredulous
    adj.: disbelieving
  17. credence
    n.: belief in the truth of something
  18. indignation
    n.: strong displeasure at something considered unjust or insulting; righteous anger
  19. affirmation
    n.: the assertion that something exists or is true
  20. jeers
    n.: rude and mocking shouts or taunts
  21. minute
    adj.: extremely small, as in size, amount, extent, or degree
  22. habitation
    n.: a place of residence; dwelling; community
  23. scoured
    v.: removed by hard rubbing
  24. transient
    adj.: not lasting or enduring, temporary
  25. entice
    v.: lead on by exciting hope or desire; tempt
  26. elicited
    v.: drew out or brought forth
  27. dubious
    adj.: marked by doubt; questionable; inclined to doubt
  28. disconcerting
    adj.: disturbing;unsettling; throw into confusion
  29. assurance
    n.: a positive declaration intended to give confidence; freedom from doubt; self-confidence
  30. insinuated
    v.: suggested or hinted; placed (herself) into a position between
  31. intercepted
    v.: secretly listened to or recorded; took, seized, or halted
  32. inscrutable
    adj.: mysterious; impossible to understand
  33. prestige
    n.: reputation or influence arising from success
  34. dissociate
    v.: to draw apart from; disconnect; separate
  35. access
    n.: the ability or right to enter or use
  36. acute
    adj.: sharp or severe in effect; intense
  37. incorrigible
    adj.: unruly; uncontrollable; bad beyond reform
  38. augmented
    v.: enlarged in size, number, strength or extent; increased
  39. phenomena
    n.: facts, occurrences, or circumstances that are observable, things that are remarkable or extraordinary
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