Java vocab

  1. Bubble Sort
    algorithm or method used to order elements by comparing 2 sequential elements at a time and swapping them if they are not in order. To start: compare 1 and 2, then 2 and 3, then 3 and 4, etc. to the ed of the list. Repeat this process until one pass through the list involves no swaps.
  2. buffer
    portion of storage used to hold input or output data temporarily
  3. bus
    pathway used for sending signals between the internal components of a computer. Components can share the same bus, but cannot transmit simultaneously.
  4. bus topology
    a network in which all devices are connected to a common cable known as the "bus"
  5. Byte (B)
    set of bits considered as a unit; it normally consists of 8 bits and corresponds to a single character of information.
  6. cable
    wire or glass fibre used to connect computers over a network
  7. cache
    part of the main store that is between main memory and the processor. It holds a copy of data ad instructions that are likely to be used next by the processor and is therefore faster than the main memory.
  8. CASE
    computer-assisted software engineering
  9. character set
    finite set of different characters that is complete for a given purpose, for example, the 128 ASCII characters
  10. check digit
    digit added to numerical data that can be recalculated and hence used to check data integrity after input, tranmission and so on.
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