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  1. What is the difference between VHF and UHF channels
    VHF is channels 2 through 13 and UHF is channels 14 through 83
  2. Most television programming is aimed at
    high school educated individuals and thier families
  3. If you looked at television viewing habits around the world you would find that
    older females watch the most television
  4. As an advertising medium one of the broadcast televisions greatest handicaps is
    high cost of production and air time
  5. Which of the following companies is the largest network TV advertiser
    Proctor and Gamble
  6. One of the strengths of cable TV advertising is that cable TV offers
  7. Which of the following reflects a disadvantage that commonly plagues advertisers on cable TV
    audience fragmentation
  8. Most advertisers choose to advertise on cable TV because
    it is a good medium to test both new products and various advertising approaches
  9. An advertiser who underwrites the total cost of a program is engaging in
    sponsor ship
  10. Most advertisers on network television buy their advertising
    by buying sponsor ships
  11. Why do some advertisers avoid using network tv advertising
    Network advertising requires a long lead time
  12. Spot annoucements
    cannot provide the advertisers with geographic selectivity
  13. The national rep system
    alleviates the problems associated with spot advertising through the use of EDI
  14. When a shows that are produced specifically for the syndication market are shown on local stations it is called
    first run syndication
  15. Another name for an infomercial is
    program length advertisement
  16. which of the following statements about infomercials are true
    All of the above
  17. Nielson media research
    is the major rating service for television
  18. A designated market area
    refers to the geographic area in which the local tv stations attracts the most viewing
  19. the acronym TVHH refers to
    the number of household that own a television set
  20. The program rating refers to
    the percentage of TV households in an area that are tuned in to a specific program
  21. The total number of homes reached by some portion of a program is called
    total audience
  22. To determine which programs should be purchased for advertising time media buyers contact stations sales reps national media rep organizations or network reps to get a list of
    avails along with prices and estimated ratings
  23. Pre emption rates
    are lower rates that stations charge with the advertisers agrees to give the station the right to sell the spot to another advertiser who is willing to pay at higher rates
  24. If an advertiser will the tv station to run his or her tv spots anytime during the tv station program schedule the advertiser will get a low advertisers rate. this form of scheduling is called
    run of the schedule
  25. The most popular format for radio stations is
    country music
  26. The principal advantages of advertising on the radio are
    high reach and frequency, selectivity, and cost effiency
  27. What do Arbitron Radar and Birch research have in common
    They are all media buyers for radio advertsing
  28. What is the first step in preparing a radio schedule
    identify by demographics, stations with the greatest cume of the advertisers target market
  29. Which of the following statements about digital interactive media are true
    Interactive tv is form of digital interactive media
  30. We are in an age of interactivity with respect to advertising. acrroding to the text which of the followiing was the first step toward interactivity
    the remote control
  31. Which of the following statements about the evoulution of the internet is true
    the internet was orgianlly developed by the US deartment of defense
  32. The first comercially available web browser software that acommodated graphics was the
    Netscape Navaigator
  33. When businesses use a web page to conduct ecommerce the business we page is linked to
    a corporate store front
  34. actual internet advertsing began with
    banner advertising
  35. Which of the following statements about internet advertisers is true
    the majority of internet users have college education
  36. To get an internet people must first choose between two types of communication systems they are
    broadband and narrowband
  37. Broadband digital data transmission
    enables singel wires to carry multiple signals
  38. Direc PC
    is most suitable for companies that regularly need to download extensive files from other locations
  39. according to the text all of the following are ways to classify internet advertising except
    home pages
  40. what does html stand for
    hypertext markup language
  41. the most basic form of internet advertising is
    the banner
  42. buttons
    none of the above
  43. classified web sites
    are excellent opportunites for local advertisers
  44. which of the following retailers would most likely to use classified ad website
    whitehead florist in NW georgia
  45. since many marketers are aware of the consumer resentment and backlash toward spam, the new trend is to focus email efforts on
    consumer retention and relationship management
  46. Which of the following decribes and disadvantage that a user of internet advertising will have accept and deal with as best as they can
    secuirty and privacy concerns prevent many users from engaging in online purcahses
  47. What are two simple ways to measure the internet audience for your advertising banner
    ad impressions and click rate
  48. the click rate
    is the number of clicks on an ad divied by the number of ad requests
  49. Cookies are
    small pieces of info that are stored in your web browser
  50. which of the following method is used for dtermining the price for an internet based ad
    click throughs
  51. Ad networks
    act as brokers for advertisers and websites. They pool hundreds of web pages together and facilate advertising across the pages
  52. Which of the following about ITV is true
    experts believe it will be several years until one ITV systems emerges as preeminent
  53. Which of the following advertising forms ranked third in overall revenues
    direct mail
  54. The term that best describes all forms of advertising directly to potential buyers through the US postal service or private delivery system is
    direct mail advertising
  55. which of the following statements about direct mail is true
    one of the reasons direct mail is a success is because meets the needs of todays changing lifestyles
  56. house organs
    are publications produced by business organizations. they include stock holders reports newsletters consumer magazines and dealer publications
  57. Which of the following describes a reason why a marketer would want to use direct mail advertising
    advertisers can personalize direct mail
  58. which of the following reasons for using direct mail matches to the fact that with direct mail there are no distractions from competitive data
  59. the heart of every direct mail operation is the
    mailing list being used
  60. a mail response list
    is the house list of other direct mail advertisers and they can be rented with a variety of demographic breakdowns
  61. which of the following statements about mailing lists is true
    the average mailing list changes by more than forty percent per year
  62. To make its direct mail advertising most effective a company should try to schedule the mailing of its summer catalog so that it arrives in homes on
  63. which on the following is not an example of out of home media
    yellow pages
  64. Standardized outdoor advertising
    uses scientifically located structures to deliver an advertisers message to markets around the world
  65. for the outdoor advertising industry the three thousand local and regional plant operators around the nation are responsible for
    renting or buying property on which the sign structures will be built
  66. the biggest outdoor advertisers that traditionally in the
    entertainment and amusement category
  67. the manager of a new sporting equipment superstore should use outdoor advertising because outdoor advertising
    all of the above
  68. which of the following statements describes an advantage inherent in the use of outdoor advertising
    out door advertising offers the lowest cost per exposure of any major advertising media
  69. where traffic is heavy and visabillity is good advertisers find that large
    bulliten strucutres work best especially for long term use
  70. bulletin structures
    work best where traffic is heavy
  71. painted bullitens are very costly but some advertisers overcome this expense
    by moving them to different locations every two to three months
  72. of all the types of signs used in outdoor advertising the least costly per unit
    30 sheet poster panel
  73. the 8 sheet billboard offers a panel surface of 6 by 12 is called
    a junior panel
  74. which of the following outdoor formats typically concentrated in urban areas where they can reach pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic
    eight sheet poster (junior panel)
  75. Spectaculars
    are giant electronic signs that incorporate movement, color, and flashy graphics to grab attention in high traffic areas
  76. another term for 100 gross rating points
    a 100 showing
  77. Transit advertising
    is a type of out of home media
  78. transit advertising is especially suitable for reaching
    middle to lower class urban consumers
  79. which of the following is a format used in transit advertising
    all of the above
  80. which of the following terms best describes transit advertising
    enviormentally sensitve
  81. which of the following is a disadvantage inherent in the use of transit advertising
  82. cost of transit advertising depends on
    all of the above
  83. take ons are
    business reply cards on interior transit ads
  84. the mobile billboard
    is a cross between traditional billboards and transit advertsing
  85. electronic display panels are being installed on subway cars in canada how do these display panels benefit the advertiser
    they are inexpensive and a flexible medium
  86. what are the following is an example of exhibitive media
    trade show exhibits
  87. the text identified four way that packaging serves markets. which is not one of those ways
  88. buying packaging includes two major phases. what are those phases
    concept and production
  89. when should a package be changed
    in response to concerns of enviomentalists
  90. when establishing an exhibit booth program managers should consider
    all of the above
  91. the primary goal of a trade show is to
    meet with qualified prospects face to face
  92. a marketer can build traffic for a trade show booth or exhibit by
    doing all of the above
  93. an advertising specialty
    is a promotional product usually imprinted with an advertisers name message logo that is distributed free as a part of a marketing communications program
  94. how does a advertising specialty differe from a premium
    the premium is typically more valuable and usually bears no advertising message consumers usually have to do something to get a premium
  95. we have normal unit prices of advertising specialties selected by advertisers risen to the 3 to 5 dollar range
    people tend to associate the quality of a company with the quality of the specialty items it gives
  96. which of the following media combinations produces the highest reach combination according to information provided by the text
    yellow pages and newspaper
  97. what is the source of most of the revenue for the yellow pages
    local businesses
  98. when an actress or actor in a movie uses a mobile phone it is no accident that the movie audience got the opportunity to see a company name or logo on the phone it is the result of
    product placement
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