Med Vocab Ch 3-4

  1. Fascia
    • *Connective Tissue that wraps muscles
    • *Ends make Tendons
  2. Rectus Abdominis
    *Straight, abdominal muscle
  3. Dermis
    • *Living layer of skin found between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue
    • *Has hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerve fibers, and muscle fibers
  4. Cutaneous Membrane
    Another term for skin
  5. Pathogens
    Disease-bearing organisms
  6. Cyan/o
  7. 1st Degree Burn
    Burn damage only to the epidermis
  8. Contusion
    • *Injury by blow to body
    • *Causes swelling, Pain, and Bruising
    • *The skin is not broken
  9. Pyogenic
  10. 3rd Degree Burn
    All layers of skin burned
  11. Pustule
    Raised spot on skin containing pus
  12. Derm/o
  13. Abrasion
    *Scraping away of a portion of the surface of the skin

    Ex:Used to remove acne scars, tattoos, and scar tissue
  14. Mucous Membranes
    • *Lines body passages that open to the outside of body
    • *Makes Mucus

    Ex: Mouth and Reproductive tract
  15. Vesicle
    *Small, fluid-filled raised spot on the skin
  16. Necr/o
  17. Macule
    *Flat, discolored area flush with the skin surface

    Ex: Freckle or Birth mark
  18. Intradermal (ID)
    Pertaining to within the skin

    Ex: Injection of medication into the skin
  19. Sebaceous gland
    • *Also called oil glands
    • *Makes Sebum that lubricates the skin surface
  20. Melanin
    • *Black color pigment of skin
    • *Helps prevent suns rays from entering the body
  21. Wheal
    Small, round raised area on the skin that may be itching
  22. Purulent
    • *Pus-filled sputum
    • *Result of infection
  23. Intramuscular (IM)
    Injection of medication into the muscle
  24. Papule
    Small, solid, circular raised spot on the surface of the skin
  25. Subcutaneous
    Pertaining to under the skin
  26. Hypodermic
    Pertaining to under the skin
  27. Epidermis
    • *Superficial layer of skin
    • *Made of squamous epithelium cells
    • *Creates a barrier to infection
    • *No blood supply depend on deeper layers
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