Color #3 (102)

  1. Alternation
    Design principle where two or more units are repeated in a sequential repetition
  2. Contrast
    Design principle where units are the opposite
  3. Progression
    Design principle where all units are similar yet gradually change proportionately in ascending or descending scale
  4. Reptition
    Design principle where all units are identical except for position
  5. Metallic Dyes
    often called progressive dyes because they darken with each application
  6. Lighteners
    product used to diffuse melanin
  7. Oxidative Color
    Permanent haircolor that contains para-dyes
  8. Gray Hair
    is a reduced pigment in the cortex layer
  9. Lowlighting
    special effect using a darker color than the natural on selected strands
  10. Freeform Painting
    technique where color is painted vertically onto the hair strand in an alternating pattern
  11. Intensity
    refers to the vividness of a color or the strength of a tone
  12. Extreme Porosity
    hair that has been damaged by the environment or has been chemically overprocessed
  13. Elasticity
    the ability to stretch and return
  14. Porosity
    the hair's ability to absorb moisture
  15. Shape
    two dimensional representation of a form
  16. Form
    three dimensional representation of shape
  17. Texture
    the degree of coarseness or fineness of the hair fiber
  18. Density
    the active number of hair follicles per square inch on the scalp
  19. Coarse Hair
    tends to process slightly lighter than intended level
  20. Resistant Hair
    layers of the cuticle are closely together & often takes longer to absorb color
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