IBAP Silence, Shusaku Endo

  1. In what year does Father Francis Xavier arrive in Kagoshima, Japan?
  2. In what year does Father Alessandro Valignano arrive in Japan?
  3. In what year were there 150,000 Christians in Japan?
  4. In what year did Valignano create seminaries, colleges, and a novitiate?
  5. In what year did missionaries hold a privileged position at the court of the Bakufu?
  6. In what year did Valignano send Cabral away for failing to support the indigenous Japanese Church?
  7. In what year does Hideyoshi officially banish the missionaries, but never enforces his decree?
  8. In February of what year were 26 Catholic priests crucified?
  9. In what year was Sebastian Rodrigues born?
  10. Historically, what is Sebastian Rodrigues' real name?
    Giuseppe Chiara
  11. In what year was the Edict of Expulsion enforced?
  12. In what year did Iemitsu begin ruthless persecution of Christians?
  13. What year does Sebastian Rodrigues become a priest?
  14. What monastery does Rodrigues study at to become a priest?
    St. Xavier's in Lisbon
  15. In what year did the first catholic priest apostatize?
  16. Who was the first priest to apostatize?
    Father Chrisovao Ferreira
  17. In what year did the Shimabara Rebellion occur?
  18. In what year did 7 priests set sail on the Santa Isabella?
  19. What were the goals of the 7 priests who set sail on the santa Isabella?
    • 4 to atone for the apostasy of Ferreira
    • 3 to investigate Ferreira's apostasy
  20. Who were the three priests who went to investigate Ferreira's apostasy?
    Sebastian Rodrigues, Francisco Garrpe, and Juan de Santa Marta
  21. In what year do Rodrigues and Garrpe arrive in Japan?
  22. In what year does Sebastian Rodrigues apostatize?
  23. In what year does Rodrigues die?
  24. In what year does Japan officially open to Christians again?
  25. What news reaches Rome about Ferreira, an experienced and respected missionary?
    He recently apostatized after undergoing torture in "the pit"
  26. Shortly before Ferreira apostatized, he wrote a letter on March 6, 1632 that chronicled what?
    the extreme torture of 7 christians who chose to endure boiling water poured over their skin rather than apostatize.
  27. In 1635, 4 priests gathered around what man, and pleaded permission to do what?
    Father Rubino, to sneak into Japan to do missionary work in order to atone for the apostasy of Ferreira
  28. In 1637, 3 priests who were former students of Ferreira at what monastery, decided to go to Japan to do what?
    the ancient monastery of Campolide, to investigate the apostasy of Ferreira because they could not believe that a man as great as Ferreira would ever willingly apostatize.
  29. Francisco, Sebastian, and Juan hear about what event on their way to Japan?
    The Shimabara Rebellion
  30. What was the result of the Shimabara Rebellion?
    Japan bans Portugese ships from their harbors
  31. What does Valigno tell Sebastian, Francisco, and Juan? How do they respond?
    He tells them they should not go to Japan because it is far too dangerous. The priests refuse to abandon their mission.
  32. Father Alessandro Valigno is "_________ to our journey to Japan."
    utterly opposed
  33. Who does Fr. Valignano warn the three priests about before their journey
    Inoue, the cunning magistrate of Nagasaki who terrorizes and persecutes Japanese Christians
  34. How old is Kichijiro and where is he from?
    28 year old Japanese man from the district of Hizen, near Nagasaki
  35. Rodrigues believes Kichijiro is a ____ because he has memories that haunt him.
  36. Rodrigues and Garrpe leave ____ on a Chinese Junk.
  37. "In Japan there has now appeared a person who is indeed a _____ for the Christians. His name is _____." Who said it?
    Terror, Inoue, -- Father Alessandro Valignano
  38. "Valignano, ________ _______ though he is, was finally moved by our pleading- especially by that of _____- and consented to our secret mission to Japan. So now the ____ is cast."
    prudent Superior, Garrpe, die
  39. "We have absolutely no luggage to bring to Japan except our own _____."
  40. There is no one more wretchedly _____ that the priest who does no measure up to his ______."
    alone, task
  41. "Christ has one foot on the ______ and in his _____ he holds a _____. He is facing _______ ___ and his face bears the expression of _____ it had when he commanded his disciples ____ times. " _______ ____ _______, ________ ____ ________, ________ ___ ______..." It is a face filled with ____ and _____. I feel great love for that face."
    sepulcher, right hand, crucifix, straight out, encouragement, 3, "Feed my lambs, Feed my lambs, Feed my lambs," vigor, strength
  42. What village do Rodrigues, Garrpe, and Kichijiro land in?
    fishing village of Tomogi in Japan
  43. Who do the priest meet in Tomogi?
    An old man, the village's Jisama, and a young man named Mokichi
  44. What are the duties of Jisama, Tossama, and Mideshi?
    Jisama: Baptizes children, Tossama: catechists, Mideshi: laity (assistants)
  45. True or False. Tomogi containts many devoted Christians who enthusiastically welcome the priests.
  46. Garrpe and Rodrigues celebrate _____ at night and hide in a _______ ______ during the day.
    Mass, charcoal hut
  47. "_____ could not turn a man into such a _____" Who does this quote refer to?
    Faith, Coward --- Kichijiro
  48. "I am ______, come what may, to seek out and find the ______ and ________ flock."
    determined, lonely, abandoned
  49. What were the rewards for informing on Christians?
    300 pieces of silver for informing on a priest, 200 pieces for a religious brother, and 100 for a lay christian
  50. When did all communication from Ferreira cease?
  51. What are the advantages of celibacy?
    • -priests are free to make deeper sacrafices in this life because fewer people depend on them for financial support
    • -priest does not have a wife and children who might be persecuted for his work
  52. Where do peasants come from to the priests in the middle of the night?
    Fukazawa on the Goto Islands, twenty leagues away.
  53. What do the peasants tell Garrpe and Rodrigues about Kichijiro?
    8 years ago, Kichijiro and his whole family were all Christians, and they were all betrayed. Kichijiros brothers and sisters refused to apostatize, so the government officials killed them. Kichijiro apostatized to save himself.
  54. Where does Rodrigues decides to travel? Who accompanies him? How do the natives treat him?
    The Goto Islands to see the Christians. Kichijiro accompanies him. The natives treat Kichijiro like a hero.
  55. What makes Rodrigues uneasy about the Japanese Christians?
    They seem to worship artifacts rather than the real spiritual presence of God.
  56. What does Rodrigues hear when he return to Tomogi?
    guards are in the village
  57. "I want to let them know as ______ as possible that they are not utterly ______ and _______."
    quickly, abandoned, alone
  58. "These Japanese Christians are like a _____ lost in a _____ without a _______"
    ship, storm, chart
  59. "This is only the result of nerves stretched ____ like a _____ day after day after day."
    taut, bowstring
  60. "The reason our religion has penetrated this territory like _______ flowing on to dry ______ is that it has given to this group of people a human _____ they never previously knew."
    water, earth, warmth
  61. In the ____ of cloth the firmly entrenched ____ looked just like white _____, and as I crushed them one by one with a ____ I felt an inexpressible thrill of ______. Is this what the officials feel when they capture and kill the Christians?
    seam, lice, dust, stone, delight
  62. The long years of secrecy have made the faces of these Christians like ______.
  63. Christ did not die for the ____ and the _____. It is easy enough to die for the _____ and ______; the hard thing is to die for the _____ and ______.
    good, beautiful, good, beautiful, miserable, corrupt
  64. It was _____ to think of our _______ in comparison with the ________ of these Japanese peasants who had slept in the mountains and lacerated their feet in order to come to us."
    embarrasing, weakness, courage
  65. The ______ and _______ remind me of an ______ marching through the parched deseart and then arriving at an oasis of water- this way they come to me, thirsty and longing for _______."
    peasants, fishermen, army, refreshment
  66. If he wanted to overcome this weakness of _____ and this _______ that made him tremble in the face of the slightest ________, the remedy was not in teh sake he kept drinking but in strong _______.
    will, cowardice, violence, faith
  67. I am so _______ by Christ's face because the ______ make no mention of it. Precisely because it is not mentioned, all its details are left to my _______.
    fascinated, Scriptures, imagination
  68. In fact, since coming to Japan _______ had worked out beyond my ______ _______.
    everything, wildest, expectations.
  69. "Father, ______! Quickly, Quickly, go away! The ______ are in the village." Who says this quote?
    flee, guards -- Mokichi
  70. Who takes deligt in their ability to fool the government guards?
    Ichizo and Omatsu
  71. Who do the guards take as a hostage?
  72. When do the guards threaten to return for another hostage?
    three days later
  73. What does the old, clever samarai offer to those in the village willing to betray the Christians?
    reduction in taxes
  74. Who does the village select to be the three new hostages?
    Kichijiro, Ichizzo, and Mokichi
  75. When Mokichi asks the priests what they should do if they are ordered to trample the fumie, how does Rodrigues respond?
    Rodrigues tells them to trample
  76. Where was the inquisition of Kichijiro, Ichizzo, and Mokichi?
  77. At the inquisition, who tramples the fumi?
    Kichijiro, Ichizzo, and Mokichi
  78. What does the samarai order Kichijiro, Ichizzo, and Mokichi to do when he is unconvinced after they trample the fumie? Who complies?
    He order them to spit on the crucifix and call the Blessed Virgin a whore. Kichijiro obeys.
  79. What punishment do Ichizzo and Mokichi face?
    water torture/execution
  80. After the deaths of Mokichi and Ichizzo, where do Garrpe and Rodrigues go?
    Garppe goes toward Hirado and Rodrigues goes back toward Goto.
  81. Who does Rodrigues discover on the path to Goto?
  82. What does Rodrigues suspect that Kichijiro is planning to do?
    betray him for money
  83. What comparison did someone make to Rodrigues to explain the disgust Jesus had toward Judas? Did the explanation satisfy Rodrigues?
    He compared it to the disgust that a husband feels toward his unfaithful wife. The explanation never satisfied Rodrigues.
  84. Who eventually betrays Rodrigues?
  85. The ______ of the peasants shows itself in their ability to pretend that they are ______.
    wisdom, fools
  86. "I had rather this _____ were cut off than that I should ______ on this image." Who said this quote?
    foot, trample --- Fr. Gabriel
  87. "Why has ____ _____ given us this trial?" Who said this quote?
    Deus Sama --- Kichijiro
  88. What has happened to our ______ ______.
    glorious dream
  89. The greatest sin against God was ______; But the ______ of God was something I could not fathom.
    despair, silence
  90. You and Garrpe are probably the only priests in this whole country. If you die, the _____ ______ dies with you. You and Garrpe must ____, no matter how great the ______ and ______ that this life entails. Yet I wondered if this were just the voice of my own ______.
    Japanese Church, live, injuries, sufferings, weakness
  91. A priest does not exist in order to become a ______; He must preserve his life in order that the ______ of _______ may not utterly die when the ______ is persecuted.
    martyr, flame, faith, Church
  92. Judas had sold our Lord for ____ pieces of silver; I was worth ______ times as much" What does this quote show about Rodrigues?
    30, 10

    It shows that Rodrigues does not fully understand how inflation impacts prices
  93. How many of our Christians, if only they had been ____ into another age from this persecution would never have been ______ with the problem of ______ or _______ but would have lived blessed lives of faith until the very hour of death?
    born, confronted, apostasy, martyrdom
  94. In Chapter 5, what shift occurs?
    The story shifts to an omniscient narrator.
  95. What does Rodrigues do to calm his anguished trembling that night?
    he thought earnestly about a man who had been dragged from the Garden of Gethsemane to the palace of Christ.
  96. Jesus was arrested and taken forcefully from His place of prayer to the palace of ______ ___ _____ _____ and the ______ ___ ______ court. Who were these people who arrested him? Crooked _____? Tyrants? Dictators? No! They were the leading religious people of their day. They were the people who should of all men, have been ______, ________, _______ and _______. Instead, they seemed to be drunk with ____ and blind to the ______.
    Caiphis the High Priest, Jewish San Hedrin, politicians, loving, generous, compassionate, and understanding, power, truth
  97. After learning from their mistakes in ____ and _____, what does the government do instead of making martyrs out of priests?
    Omura and Nagasaki, they attempt to discredit priests
  98. Why was Father Cabral not a successful missionary in Japan?
    He did not respect the Japanese people and their traditions
  99. What 4 priests apostatized after Inoue's tortuous interrogation?
    Fr. Porro, Fr. Pedro, Fr. Cassola, and Fr. Ferreira
  100. What did Fr. Ferreira do after he apostatized?
    He has taken a Japanese name, lives in a mansion in Nagasaki, and has the former wife of a man who accepted martyrdom.
  101. On the way to Nagasaki, What does Rodrigues see in the villae of Suzuda?
    He sees beautiful flowers there and laments the possibility of never seeing the blooming flowers again.
  102. Who does Rodrigues see again on the road near Suzuda?
  103. What happens when Rodrigues reaches Isahaya?
    He is strapped like a dog to a tree
  104. What does Kichijiro give Rodrigues?
    a few grains of rice in a broken dish
  105. "It all depends on _____ whether or not they are to be set ______."
    you, free
  106. "It is because of _____ that they must ______."
    you, suffer
  107. "_____, he reflected, is not what it is usually though to be; it is not to _____ and tell lies. Sin is for one man to walk brutally over the _____ of another and to be quite _____ of the _____ he has left behind."
    Sin, steal, life, oblivious, wounds
  108. l
  109. "I don't think we need now ____ that you will _____ away." Who said this quote?
    fear, run --- government interpreter
  110. "You never know. I'm not a ____. I'm scared of _____."
    saint, death
  111. "We have our own ______; we don't want a new _____ one." who said this quote?
    religion, foreign -government interpreter
  112. "There is a ______ to our endurance. Give us no more _____."
    limit, suffering
  113. "No matter what happens never will I _______."
  114. "What thou ____ do ______."
    dost, quickly
  115. Where is Rodrigues transferred?
    to the custody of a new government escort
  116. Where is Rodrigues placed and what does he experience?
    a prison outside Nagasaki, and he initially experiences strange tranquility and peace there
  117. What happens on the 9th night in prison? Who does he meet?
    Rodrigues is dragged to a new prison cell by government guards. He meets Monica and Juan again.
  118. What was Rodrigues able to do for the first time since his days in Tomogi?
    perform sacraments for the faithful
  119. What do the officers offer Rodrigues? How does he respond?
    They offer him new clothing, that of a bonze. He at first rejects, but then agrees to wear it.
  120. Who dies from sun strok after digging a pit?
    Hisagoro, a Japanese Christian
  121. What does Kichijiro ask Rodrigues for? How does he respond?
    the sacrament of reconciliation. Rodrigues performs the sacrament but no enthusiastically.
  122. What happens to Juan and Kichijiro?
    Juan becomes a martyr and Kichijiro apostatizes once more
  123. "The Lord will not be _____ forever"
  124. "Father, we are not disputing about the right and wrong of your _____. In ______ and ______ and such countries it may be true. The reason we have outlawed Christianity in Japan is that, after deep and earnest _____, we find its teaching of no _____ for the Japan of today."
    doctrine, Spain, Portugal, considreation, value
  125. "It is precisely because truth is _____ to all countries and all times that we call it ____. If a true doctrine were not true alike in _____ and ______ we could not call it "_____""
    common, truth, Portugal, Japan, true
  126. "Anyone could be attracted to the ________ and _____. But could attraction be called _____? True love was to accept _______ when wasted like ______ and ______."
    beautiful, charming, love, humanity, rags, tatters
  127. "On the day of my ______, too, will the world go ________ on its way, _____ just as now?"
    death, relentlessly, indifferent
  128. "Darkness fell. The veil of the ______ was rent in twain from the top even to the bottom. This was the image of _____ he had long entertained; but the martyrdom of these _____, enacted before his very eyes- how ______ it was, miserable like the ____ they lived in, like the ____ which they were clothed."
    temple, martyrdom, peasants, wretched, huts, rags
  129. What parable does Inoue tell Rodrigues?
    The Parable of Takenobu Masuura and his four wives- he uses this parable to justify his tyrannous and tortuous regime
  130. What does Rodrigues feel throughout Inoue's interrogation?
    a tingling sense of joy when he imagines that his fate is connected closely to Christ's
  131. How does Inoue attempt to break Rodrigues' will?
    by first making him comfortable. it is an attempt to soften the priest's resolve.
  132. Who marches of to a forced labor camp?
    Monica and two other christians
  133. Who see eachother from a distance?
    Garrpe and Rodrigues
  134. What is the ultimatum Garrpe is given? What does he choose?
    apostatize or we will kill Monica and two other Christians by drowning them. Garrpe refuses to apostatize
  135. What happens to Garrpe and the 3 Christians?
    The three christians are thrown into the sea by government officials. Garrpe runs into the sea to save them, and he drowns as well.
  136. Where is Rodrigues brought to after Garrpe drowns?
    To see Ferreira
  137. What has Ferreira changed his name to?
    Sawano Chuan
  138. What two books are Ferreira working on?
    translating a book on astronomy and he has been ordered to write a book that attempts to refute the teaching of Christianity
  139. What has Ferreira been instructed to do?
    get Rodrigues to apostatize
  140. What does Ferreira tell Rodrigues?
    That the Japanese did not believe in a Christian God but in their own distortion of what that God is
  141. What conclusion does Rodrigues come to about Ferreira?
    Ferreira is tryign to increase the number of priests who apostatize in order to shame those who remind him of what he once was.
  142. "For the first time it came to him that the _______ _______ and their _____ were making no move bcause, like a ____ watching its prey caught in the ______, they were waiting for his spirit to _____"
    Japanese officials, magistrate, spider, web, weaken
  143. "You came to this country to lay down your _____ for ____. But in fact they are laying down their _____ for _____." Who said this quote?
    life, them, lives, you --- Inoue
  144. "it is the _____ that have to die for your selfish ______." Who says this quote?
    Japanese, Dream -- government interpreter
  145. "The one thing I know is that our religion does not take _____ in this country" Who says this quote?
    root, -- Ferreira
  146. "In Japan our God is just like that _______ caught in the spider's web; only the _____ form of God reamins, but it has already become a _____." Who says this quote?
    butterfly, exterior, skeleton -- Ferreira
  147. What do japanese peasants do to Rodrigues as government officials are leading him down the streets of Nagasaki?
    hurl manure and stones
  148. What does Rodrigues mistake as a guard snoring?
    the sound of christians moaning in agony while suspended over a pit
  149. Who once again asks Rodrigues for absolution? How does he respond?
    Kichijiro. As the guards drag him away, Rodrigues recites the words of absolution out of a sense of duty, not with sincerity
  150. What does Ferreira attempt to explain and justify to Rodrigues?
    his betrayal of christ
  151. True or False. Rodrigues apostatizes
  152. "Won't you just go through the _____ of trampling?" Just the ______! The everything will be ______." Who said this quote?
    formality, formality, alright --- government interpreter
  153. "He was distracted by the ______ pain of the ____ which bit into his wrists whenever he moved his body, but what _____ him most was his inability to ______ these people as Christ has loved them."
    tormenting, rope, grieved, love
  154. "You're a _______ fellow- _____." Who said this quote?
    useless --- government interpreter
  155. "Until now, when ____ has said that one of the fathers will apostatize he has never been _____. He was right in the case of ____... he will be ___ in your case too." who said this quote?
    Inoue, wrong, Sawano, right
  156. "In this very sea ___ Japanese peasants, bound to stakes, had endured the same _____ for a whole ___ before passing on to the far temple of ____. Suddenly his breast ws filled with a wild ____ in the thought that he was united with these 2 Japanese, untied with ____, united with that man nailed to the cross."
    2, suffering, day, Paradise, joy, Garrpe
  157. What was inscribed on the prison wall by Ferreira?
    Laudate Eum
  158. "you must say something to show the world you are the ______ one" Who said this quote?
    august, Ferreira
  159. "Prayer does not ______ ___ ______" Who said this quote?
    alleviate the suffering ---Ferreira
  160. "Certainly _____ would have apostatized for them." Who said this quote
    Christ --- Ferreira
  161. "Don't disguise your own _______ with those beautiful ______." Who said this quote?
    weakness, words -- Ferreira
  162. "Now you are going to perform the most _____ act of ____ that has ever been performed." Who said this quote?
    painful, love, -- Ferreira
  163. "He will now trample on what he has considered the most _______ thing in his life, on what he has believed most ____, on what is filled with the ____ and the _____ of man" Who said this quote?
    beautiful, pure, ideals, dreams -- Narrator
  164. "the priest placed his foot on the ____. _____ broke. And far in the distance the _____ crew."
    fumie, dawn, cock
  165. Where do Rodrigues and Ferreira live after Rodrigues apostatizes?
    Rodrigues lives in Sotouramachi. Ferreira lieves in Teramachi.
  166. Who inspects Rodrigues everyday?
    a representative, the otona
  167. What does the Japanese Government employ Rodrigues to do?
    to identify forbidden christian artifacts
  168. Why do Rodrigues and Ferreira meet each month?
    to help the government officials root out Christians in their country
  169. "I wonder if there is any difference between _____ and ______."
    Kichijiro, myself
  170. "His feelings for _____ were not only of ____ and ____; there was also a sense of _____, a common feeling of self-pity of two men who shared the same fate."
    Ferreira, contempt, hatred, pity
  171. Chapter 10 consists of extracts from whose diary?
    jonassen, a dutch clerk
  172. In Nagasaki, what do the Japanese call Rodrigues and Ferreira?
    Rodrigues: Apostate Paul, Ferreira: Apostate Peter
  173. Who visits Rodrigues one more time, and again asks for absolution?
    Kichijiro, and Rodrigues complies
  174. When does Rodrigues die?
    July 25, 1674
  175. "To _____, to _______- this was no longer possible."
    resist, refuse
  176. "The Christianity you brought to Japan has changed its ______ and has become a _______ thing." Who said this quote?
    form, strange --Inoue
  177. "Lord, I _____ your silence."
  178. "I was not ______. I suffered ______ you."
    silent, beside
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