Reading Olympics

  1. In the book, Yellow Raft in Blue Water, why is it that Rayona ends up riding in the rodeo?
    Becuase Foxy Cree, one of the kids on the reservation, is too drunk to ride.
  2. In the book, Wintergirls, what does Lia do to her robe to make it appear that she is heavier?
    She sews quarters into it.
  3. In the book Three Cups of Tea, what is a Madrassa?
    A religious school.
  4. In the book Their Eyes Were Watching God, what does Jody force Janie to do out of jealousy?
    Tie her hair up in head-rags.
  5. In the book, The Thirteenth Tale, who loved to hurt others, especially his sister?
  6. In the book, The Road, what kind of soda does the man find and gives it to his son?
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Reading Olympics
Trivia questions on the 2011 Senior Reading Olympics books for Bucks County