GRE Unit 12

  1. Cant
    insincere talk; language of a particular group

    Many of the beat artists of the 1950's reacted against what they regarded as the cant of bourgeois society.
  2. Cantankerous
    irritable; ill-humored

    Many of us have in our mind the stereotype of the cantankerous old man who is constantly complaining about something or other.
  3. Capricious

    . . . no longer subject to capricious decisions . . .
  4. Captious
    faultfinding; intended to entrap, as in an argument

    The pedantic and captious critic seems incapable of appreciating the merits of even the most highly regarded books.
  5. Cardinal
    of foremost importance

    The cardinal rule of any weight-loss diet must be limiting the intake of calories.
  6. Carnal
    of the flesh or body; related to physical appetites
  7. Carping
    to find fault; complain

    despite the carping of critics . ..
  8. Cartography
    science of making maps
  9. Caste
    and of the hereditary social classes of Hindu society; social stratification.
  10. Castigation
    punishment; chastisement; criticism

    Many British writers recall with loathing the castigation they received at school.
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