Major Repair Major Alteration

  1. AC 43.13-1B can be used as approved data for major repair if.
    • It is appropriate to the product being repaired
    • Directly applicable to the repair being made
    • Not contrary to manufacturer data
  2. Form 337 block 1?
    • Aircraft
    • Nationality, registration,serial number,
  3. Form 337 block 2?
  4. Form 337 block 3?
    • FAA use only
    • when a field approval is required
  5. Form 337 block 4?
    • Type
    • Major alteration
    • Major repairs
  6. Form 337 block 5?
    • Unit Identification
    • airframe
    • engine
    • propeller
  7. Form 337 block 6?
    • Conformity statement
    • mechanics name address
    • type of certificate
  8. Form 337 block 7?
    Approval for return to service
  9. Form 337 form 8?
    • Required information
    • a detailed description
    • identify drawings
    • required testing
  10. The act of 1958 allows for the issue of?
    • Type certificates
    • Production certificates
    • airworthiness certificates
    • allows for the development of rules(FAR's)
  11. Airworthiness rules that define one of the minimum standards that a major repair or alteration must meet?
    • Part 21-Certification procedures for products and parts
    • Part 23-AS normal,utility,acrobatic,commuter
    • Part 25-AS transport
    • Part 33-AS engines
    • Part 35-AS propellers
    • Part 39-Airworthiness Directives
  12. What are two standards an aircraft must meet?
    • Airworthiness standards
    • Performance standards
  13. Airworthiness is when the aircraft meets its?
    • Type design (airworthiness standards)
    • And is in condition for safe operation (Performance standards)
  14. Two standards a major alteration or major repair must meet?
    • Aircraft type certification rules
    • And performance rules in part 43
  15. What's the difference between a major repair and a major alteration?
    • Major repair RETURNS the item back to its original type design.
    • Major alteration is a CHANGES to the original type design.
  16. What can a mechanic do to determine if a repair is major of minor?
    • One of four things
    • Part 43 appendix A
    • Contact the manufacturer
    • Contact the nearest FSDO
    • Ask yourself three questions-IF the repair or alteration fails Would it:Prevent continued safe flight,prevent a safe landing,adversely affect the safety of the crew and passenger
  17. Where is the authority that gives the mechanic to use the acceptable data in AC 43.13-1B and 2B as Approved data for major repairs?
    In the front page or the signature page
  18. Data that is not approved
    • Sales catalog information
    • Newsletters
    • Magazines articles
    • Parts Manuals (illustrated)
  19. What is STC?
    A major change to its type design
  20. Field Approval are giving and FAA signs block 3 of form 337 and examinations are done by?
    • FAA airworthiness inspector
    • FSDO by examining data or physical inspection or testing
  21. There are three kinds of field approvals?
    • Examination of data only.
    • Physical inspection, demonstration.
    • Examination of data only for duplication.
  22. If you form 337 is filled out perfect are you entitled a field approval?
  23. Is there an AC that tells you what cannot be field approved?
  24. When submitting form 337 to FAA should it be signed?
  25. Were must form 337 be caried on aircraft when a fuel tank is added?
  26. How long must form 337 be kept for a major repair?
    1 year
  27. How long must form 337 be kept for a major alteration?
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