Ch. 9

  1. Prejudice
    pre-concieved judgment of a group
  2. Sterotype
    belief about the attributes of a group
  3. Discrimination
    negative behaivor toward a group
  4. Racism/Sexism
    discriminatory behavior or prejudice against race/gender
  5. Automatic Prejudice
    prejudice that happens w/out control
  6. Gender Sterptypes
    • benevelont (good)
    • hostile (bad)
  7. The weapons effect
  8. Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis
    frustration of one's goals lead to aggression
  9. Displaced aggression
  10. Realistic group Conflict Thoery
    competition between groups over scarce resources
  11. Just World Belief
    notion that the world is fair and just
  12. Social Identity Theory
    we seek positive self concept by differntiating roups we belong tofrom those we don't
  13. Ingroup Bias
    Favoring ingroup more
  14. Black Doll/White Doll Experiment
  15. Own race bias
    tendency for people to accurately recognize face of their own race
  16. Linguistic Intergroup Bias
    group serving bias
  17. Group Serving Bias
    explaining away outgroup members positive behaviorsm attributing negative behaviors to their dispositions
  18. Outgroup Homogenity Effect
    perception that outgroup members are more similer to another than ingroup members "they are alike, we are diverse"
  19. Self-perpetuating nature of social sterotypes
  20. Sterotype threat effect
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