Ch. 8

  1. Social Facilitation
    perform simple tasks better when others around
  2. Social Inhibition
    perform dificult tasks worse when others around
  3. Zajonc's Theory
  4. Effects of Crowding
    • -increases stress/arousal
    • -faster breathing/heart rate
    • -increases dominant response
    • -increases aggressiveness
  5. Evaluation Apprehension
    Concern about how we are being evaluated by others
  6. Social Loafing
    exert less effort when their efforts are pooled with others
  7. Deindividuation
    loss of self-awareness when in group
  8. Group Polarization
    pre-existing tendiencies of members become intensified in group settings
  9. risky Shift Phenomenon
    peopel make riskier decisions when in group
  10. Groupthink
    groups ignore rational appraisals as a result of concurrence seeking
  11. When does Groupthink happen
    group is friendly, isolated and democratic
  12. Symptoms of Groupthink
    illusion of invulnerability, belief of superiority, conformity pressures
  13. Minority Influence
    happens when consistent in viewpoint, self confidence, defect from majority
  14. Social Comparisons
    evaluating one's opinions and abilities by comparing to others
  15. Pluralistic Ignorance
    false impression of what others are thinking
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