Ch. 6

  1. Conformity
    change in behavior or belief as a result of group pressure
  2. Compliance
    conformity where one acts a way but internally disagrees
  3. Obedience
    acting in accordance w/ a direct order
  4. Social Contagion
    mimickign the behaviors of others
  5. Unconscious Mimiery
  6. Chameleon Effect
  7. Asch's Conformity Experiments
    participant shown several lines and had to mathc the line in fron of him. Confederates say wrong line
  8. Variations to Asch's Experiments
    sometimes one of the confederates wouldn't conform, some participants wrote down answer
  9. Milgram's Obedience Experiments
    teacher (participant) shcoks student if they miss a question
  10. Variations to Milgram's Experiment
    • teacher less obedient when
    • -experimenter not authority figure
    • -experimenter gives commands from afar
    • -learner is in same room
    • -commands are inconsistant
    • -another dissenter
  11. Conditions of conformity
    • -group size
    • -group status
    • -consensus
    • -cohesiveness
    • -prior commitment
    • -public response
  12. Normative Influence
    we want to fit into a group
  13. Informational Influence
    groups behavior tells us what is right
  14. Psychological Reactance Theory
  15. Balancing competing desires for uniqueness vs. similarity
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