1. apotheosis
    deification glorification to godliness 
  2. duplicity
    deliberate deception 
  3. finesse
    delicate way of dealing with a situation 
  4. render
    deliver provide represent 
  5. proscribe
    denounce as dangerous 
  6. profundity
  7. stigmatize
    describe smb scornfully 
  8. dereliction
    deserting and leaving to fall into ruins 
  9. pest
    destructive thing or a person who is nuisance 
  10. deposition
    dethronement depositing 
  11. tortuous
    devious/not straightforward 
  12. epicurean
    devoted to pleasure (sensuous enjoyment) 
  13. abstruse
    difficult to comprehend obscure 
  14. disinter
    dig up from the earth 
  15. assiduous
    diligent hard-working sedulous 
  16. detumescence
    diminishing or lessening of swelling 
  17. antithetical
    direct opposing 
  18. inclined
    directing the mind in a certain direction 
  19. decry
    disapprove of 
  20. deter
    discourage hinder 
  21. unearth
    discover and bring to light 
  22. ferret
    discover by searching search 
  23. canvass
    discuss thoroughly sort of touting 
  24. supercilious
    disdainful characterized by haughty scorn 
  25. morbid
    diseased unhealthy (e.g.. about ideas) 
  26. covert
  27. fulsome
    disgusting offensive due to excessiveness 
  28. earthenware
    dishes made of baked clay 
  29. mendacity
  30. ignoble
    dishonorable common undignified 
  31. dissolution
    disintegration looseness in morals 
  32. recalcitrant
  33. repudiate
    disown refuse to accept or pay 
  34. ostentation
    display to obtain admiration or envy 
  35. distraught
    distracted violently upset in mind 
  36. disseminate
    distribute (esp. ideas) 
  37. premature
    doing or happening something before the right time 
  38. perfunctory
    done as a duty without care 
  39. ambiguous
    doubtful uncertain 
  40. flinch
    draw move back wince 
  41. elicit
    draw out 
  42. knit
    draw together unite firmly 
  43. prune
    dried plum silly person 
  44. quaff
    drink deeply 
  45. opaqueness
    dullness/not allowing light to pass through 
  46. pious
    dutiful to parents devoted to religion 
  47. allegiance
    duty support loyalty 
  48. alacrity
    eager and cheerful readiness 
  49. avid
    eager greedy 
  50. agog
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