1. smolder
    burn slowly without flame 
  2. gush
    burst out suddenly/talk ardently 
  3. roll
    call calling of names 
  4. convoke
    call together summon 
  5. evoke
    call up bring out 
  6. halcyon
    calm and peaceful 
  7. imperturbable
    calm not capable of being excited 
  8. phlegmatic
    calm sluggish temperament unemotional 
  9. equanimity
    calmness of temperament 
  10. palpability
    can be felt touched understood 
  11. incorrigibility
    cannot be cured or corrected 
  12. thrift
    care economy thriving prosperous 
  13. frugal
    careful economical 
  14. prudence
    careful forethought 
  15. discreet
  16. figurehead
    carved image on the prow of a ship 
  17. recast
    cast or fashion anew 
  18. enzyme
  19. descry
    catch sight of see something in the distance 
  20. suffocate
    cause or have difficulty in breathing 
  21. engender
    cause produce give rise to 
  22. repulsive
    causing a feeling of disgust 
  23. grievous
    causing grief or pain serious dire grave 
  24. baneful
    causing harm or ruin pernicious destructive 
  25. innocuous
    causing no harm 
  26. lachrymose
    causing tears tearful 
  27. chary
    cautious wary 
  28. renowned
    celebrated famous 
  29. ineluctable
    certain inevitable 
  30. desuetude
    cessation of use disuse 
  31. manacle
    chains for the hands or feet 
  32. impugned
    challenged to be doubted 
  33. veer
    change direction 
  34. swerve
    change direction suddenly 
  35. coagulation
    change to a thick and solid state 
  36. volatile
    changeable inconstant fickle unstable explosive 
  37. tawdry
    cheap gaudy showy tacky 
  38. dupe
    cheat make a fool of 
  39. retard
    check hinder 
  40. blithe
    cheerful casual carefree 
  41. sanguine
    cheerful confident optimistic 
  42. extrovert
    cheerful person 
  43. eddy
    circular or spiral movement (e.g.. of wind) 
  44. talon
    claw of a bird of prey 
  45. astute
    clever quick at seeing to get an advantage 
  46. affinity
    close connection relationship 
  47. cloture
    closing device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting 
  48. muffler
    cloth worn round the neck/silencer 
  49. nebulous
    cloud-like hazy vague indistinct 
  50. implosion
    collapse bursting inward
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