1. pinch
    be too tight take between the thumb and finger 
  2. topple
    be unsteady and overturn 
  3. belabor
    beat hard 
  4. scorch
    become discolored/dry up/go at high speed 
  5. lull
    become quiet or less active 
  6. recuperate
    become strong after illness loss exhaustion 
  7. putrefaction
    becoming rotten 
  8. rejuvenation
    becoming young in nature or appearance 
  9. importune
    beg urgently solicit (of a prostitute) 
  10. incipient
  11. lustrous
    being bright polished 
  12. deviance
    being different in moral standards (from normal) 
  13. cognizant
    being fully aware of 
  14. vacillation
    being uncertain hesitating 
  15. turbulence
    being uncontrolled violent 
  16. heresy
    belief contrary to what is generally accepted 
  17. bellicose
    belligerent pugnacious warlike 
  18. pertain
    belong as a part have reference 
  19. lithe
    bending twisting 
  20. caustic
    biting sarcastic 
  21. diatribe
    bitter and violent attack in words 
  22. fulmination
    bitter protest 
  23. feud
    bitter quarrel over a long period of time 
  24. soot
    black powder in smoke 
  25. denigrate
    blacken belittle sully defame 
  26. occluded
    blocked up 
  27. obtuse
  28. temerity
    boldness brashness intrepidness 
  29. effrontery
    boldness impudence arrogance 
  30. pedantic
    bookish showing off learning 
  31. abut
    border on 
  32. abysmal
    bottomless extreme 
  33. colander
    bowl-shaped vessel with many holes used to drain off water 
  34. valiant
  35. valorous
  36. transgress
    break go beyond (a limit) 
  37. sever
    break off 
  38. transitory
  39. terse
    brief and to the point 
  40. epitome
    brief summary representative example a typical model 
  41. summarily
    briefly without delay 
  42. flamboyant
    brightly colored florid 
  43. exploit
    brilliant achievement develop use selfishly 
  44. attune
    bring into harmony 
  45. broach
    bring up announce begin to talk about 
  46. apartheid
    brutal racial discrimination 
  47. bilge
    bulge the protuberance of a cask 
  48. tassel
    bunch of threads 
  49. encumbrance
    burden things that get on the way of 
  50. cumbersome
    burdensome heavy and awkward to carry
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