1. aver
    affirm assert prove justify 
  2. truculence
    aggressiveness ferocity 
  3. concur
    agree in opinion happen together 
  4. piquant
    agreeably pungent stimulating 
  5. concord
    agreement or harmony 
  6. desultory
    aimless haphazard digressing at random 
  7. trepidation
    alarm excited state of mind 
  8. imprecation
    an invocation of evil a curse 
  9. pariah
    an outcast a rejected and despised person 
  10. denouement
    an outcome or solution the unraveling of a plot 
  11. ire
  12. irate
  13. vex
    annoy distress trouble 
  14. verisimilitude
    appearing TRUE or real 
  15. apropos
    appropriate to the situation apt 
  16. approbation
  17. sanction
    approval (by authority) penalty 
  18. felicitous
    apt suitably expressed well chosen apropos 
  19. expostulate
    argue earnestly to dissuade correct or protest 
  20. contentious
    argumentative pugnacious combative quarrelsome 
  21. bequest
    arrangement to give something at death 
  22. presumption
  23. haughty
    arrogant conceited 
  24. hubris
    arrogant pride 
  25. barrage
    artificial obstacle built across a river 
  26. interim
    as an installment 
  27. entreat
    ask earnestly 
  28. suppliant
    asking humbly beseeching 
  29. succor
    assistance relief in time of distress 
  30. shrewd
    astute showing sound judgement 
  31. repine
    at be discontented with 
  32. quiescent
    at rest dormant torpid 
  33. heed
    attention/give notice to 
  34. meretricious
    attractive on the surface but of little value 
  35. propitious
    auspicious presenting favorable circumstances 
  36. warrant
    authority written order guarantee 
  37. mite
    Avery small amount, portion, or particle
  38. eschew
  39. splenetic
    bad-tempered irritable 
  40. churl
    bad-tempered person 
  41. curmudgeon
    bad-tempered person 
  42. cantankerous
  43. quotidian
    banal everyday 
  44. fallacious
    based on error 
  45. matriculation
    be admitted enter a university as a student 
  46. perish
    be destroyed decay 
  47. suffice
    be enough 
  48. abide
    be faithful to endure 
  49. perpetrate
    be guilty commit (a crime) 
  50. lurk
    be out of view ready to attack
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