Conservation Biology CH8

  1. Habitat
    the phsical and biological environment used by an individual, a population, a species, or perhaps a group of species.
  2. Ecosystem
    A group of organisms and their physical environment, such as a lake or a forest, and man not cerrespond to the habitat of a species.
  3. Habitat degradation
    Is the process by which the habitat quality for a given species is diminished
  4. Habitat Loss
    When habitat quality is so low that the environment is no longer usable by a given species.
  5. Eco System Degradation
    When alterations to an ecosystem degrade or destroy habitat for many of the species that constitute the ecosystem.

    Ex: Warm water from a power plant increases the temperature of a river, causing temperature sensitive species to disappear.
  6. Ecosystem Loss
    When Changes to an ecosystem are so profound and when so many species, particulary those who dominate the system, are lost and the ecosystem is converted to another type.

    EX. Deforestation and Draining of wetlands.
  7. Types of
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