GRE Unit 9

  1. Axiomatic
    taken for granted

    ... it was axiomatic that natural law and processes do not fundamentally change . . .
  2. Bacchanalian
    pertaining to riotous or drunken festivity, pertaining to revelry

    For some people New Year's Eve is an occasion for bacchanalian revelry.
  3. Banal
    commonplace; trite

    The writer has a gift for making even the most banal observation seem important and original.
  4. Banter
    playful conversation
  5. Bard

    The great bards of English literature have all been masters of the techniques of verse.
  6. Bawdy

    Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales is the story of a group of Christian pilgrims who entertain one another with stories, ranging from the holy to the bawdy, on their journey to Canterbury Cathedral.
  7. Beatify
    to sanctify; to bless; to ascribe a virtue to

    In the year 2000 Pope John Paul II traveled to Fatima in Portugal to beatify two of the three children who said they saw the appearance of the Virgin Mary there in 1917.
  8. Bedizen
    to dress in vulgar, showy manner

    Paul went to the costume party bedizened as a seventeenth century French aristocrat.
  9. Behemoth
    huge creature; anything very large or powerful
  10. Belie
    to contradict; misrepresent; give a false impression

    The boxer's childlike face belies the ferocity with which he can attack opponents in the ring.
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