1. How do you operate the Radio locator beacon in a liferaft situation? 4.8.9
    • The beacon must be loaded into and attached to the liferaft prior to detachment from the aircraft.
    • It should not be operated until clear of the aircraft. It must not become entangled in the sea anchor line as it will be
    • pulled under. It must be clear of the electronic shadow. Place the beacon in the water.
    • Check that the aerial becomes erect. Check that the water soluble tape securing the lanyard bracket has dissolved and the beacon is drifting away.
    • When the beacon is at its full extent of the tethering lanyard, deploy the sea anchor.Maintain a regular watch to check that the beacon stays upright and clear of the electronic shadow.
  2. How do you operate a Radio locator beacon in a ground situation? 4.8.9
    • Break the tape holding the antenna rod and allow it to erect. Unwind the tethering lanyard to access the plastic liquid container.
    • Place the beacon in the container and fill with liquid until the battery casing is completely immersed. The fluid should be agitated periodically, and the plastic container secured to the beacon. Carry the beacon to the highest ground in the vicinity. Stand beacon upright and maintain periodic checks to ensure that it doesn’t fall over.
  3. How do you turn of the Radio locator beacon?4.8.9
    Invert the beacon and restow the antenna.
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